Bearcats Continue To Look Lost

So you would think that the Bearcats would have learned from their sloppy play in their first two games of the 2010 season, but it continued Thursday night against NC State.

I have always considered myself an eternal optimist. When things go bad I always think that you can recover and get back on track, but the Bearcats are proving to me that my thinking may not be absolutely correct.

Penalties, turnovers, fumbles, missed assignments, and dropped passes seem to be the theme of this Bearcat football team and it's not getting better.

This team looks lost!

On defense, they seem confused when they are in pass coverage almost as if they do not know whom to cover.

How many times can they get a team into third and long, only to see them complete the pass for the first down or bailed out by a UC penalty?

There seems to be no pressure from the UC front four so any QB can sit back and torch you.

In addition, why were we playing a zone most of the night on defense?

I know Russell could run but constant pressure would have rattled this guy.

Against UCF, he had the worst game of his career and they pressured him all night.

Some people have called it transition and growing pains, whatever you want to call it, this is not Bearcat football. This is the evil bizarro of the super team we have seen the last three years.

They lack confidence and I do not believe that the players are buying into the Butch Jones system.

I know that the offensive potential is there but when you are trying to run the ball so frequently and you don't have the o-line or the personnel to line up and run it down the opponents' throat, then you are fighting a losing battle.

Offensively, the Cats continue to disappoint. I will not even count the Indiana State game because they were a FCS opponent. Nevertheless, in two games the Cats have scored a total of 36 points. Last year this team was averaging over 30 points per game.

So what is the problem?

Let us look at the roster for the answer. You have an offensive line that is not big but smaller and quick.

An athletic not huge tight end not built for run blocking.

A slew of running backs built for speed not power.

No blocking fullback that is customary in a power running offense.

Lastly, you have a quarterback capable of making plays with his legs, but you are asking him to carry the ball more than 15 times per game.

Can you see the issue?


Brian Kelly recruited athletes to run a passing offense. He changed the line into players that could handle more pass blocking. He brought in tight ends and running backs that can play in space, catch passes on the fly, and create coverage mismatches.

So if I inherit a team that went 12-1 just a year earlier, and won 21 games the previous two years, why would I want to change the system?

It is one thing to take over a losing team where a coach had been fired. In that situation, you have time to bring in the people needed to run your system. This was not the case here. What it seems to me is that we have a coaching staff that is going to run their system no matter how the team plays.

Now I am sure after a year or two, this team will probably respond to this type of system and they will be much better, but who wants to wait for that?

I did not think this season was supposed to be one sacrificed so Coach Kelly's stamp can be removed from the program.

If the name of the game is to win, then what is this team doing?

Let us pass the ball 80% and run 20%!

I know that is not balanced but when the Cats passed on a regular basis on Thursday night, they scored touchdowns. It is no secret, go back to putting your players in a position to make plays and have success.

In closing I will say this, Oklahoma is no NC State, they are much better! If the Bearcats are to have a chance to win, exploit their secondary which has been causing them problems.

Be aggressive in the passing game and allow the defense to play without the game on their shoulders. If UC runs the ball as we have seen in the previous two losses, this will be a long day. Oklahoma is too good and you must pull out all the stops if you expect to beat a team of this caliber.

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