Breaking Down Cody Quinn

Bearcat Insider caught Cody Quinn in action on Saturday night. Here is a breakdown of his game and why the Bearcats have already offered.

One player on Cincinnati has already offered is Class of 2012 cornerback Cody Quinn (Middletown, Ohio) a 5-foot-10, 165-pound cornerback. Saturday night, Bearcat Insider caught Quinn in action for the second time this season and has the following breakdown.

Helping his team go 10-0 during the regular season, Cody Quinn showed the skill set needed to turn college coaches heads. Having already been offered by Cincinnati, Quinn is a player already pegged as one of the top prospects for the 2012 class.

The first thing you notice about Quinn is his ability to open up his hips, turn, and run with opposing receivers out of a back pedal. While this is the first thing many will look at, the ability to be fluid while coming out of a back pedal allows him to use his speed to close on the ball and receiver.

Cody Quinn
Pat Strang,
At this level, Quinn at times is used to cover in zone areas and does a good job of reading the quarterback and anticipating where the play is going. It is here where Quinn uses his instincts to cover a pass or come up in run support. When he supports the run, he does a good job of finishing off plays by wrapping and makes the tackle.

Quinn has plenty of speed and the ability to stop on a dime and cut; he is explosive and capable of going up to the highest point against taller receivers and gets the ball.

Quinn will need to continue to get stronger and refined his overall coverage skills in press coverage.

Quinn holds his Bearcats offer and is also starting to hear from several programs taking hard looks and getting ready to make offers.

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