Five Keys To Victory

Bearcat Insider gives you Five Keys for the Bearcats to score a much-needed victory over Rutgers on Saturday.

Make no mistake, the Bearcats know they must win on Saturday if they are to have any chance of making a bowl game.  This is not about winning a Big East title, this is about survival, and a loss Saturday is the final nail in the Bearcats bowl hopes.

Here is Bearcat Insider Keys To Victory

Key 1: Force Rutgers To Throw

The Scarlet Knights offense is not what we have seen the past few years.  Three quarterbacks could see playing time as Chas Dodd and Tom Savage both could play.  Fully expect Jeremy Deering to run some Wildcat formations, but the key is to keep the running game in check and force Rutgers to throw.  The Bearcats have struggled in this area this season but must keep Rutgers trying to beat them in the air as they have yet to show the ability to be consistent throwing the football.

Key 2: Win The Turnover Battle

The Bearcats must win the turnover battle.  It does not matter if they come from fumbles or interceptions, the Bearcats need to create turnovers and not give up the football.

Key 3: Give Zach Collaros Time To Throw

The Bearcats have struggled to keep defenders off Zach during the season.  This must change against Rutgers if the Bearcats hope to come away with a victory.  The Bearcats hold an advantage with their receivers and if Collaros is given time, they can come up big against the Scarlet Knights.  Ben Guidugli should have a big night against Rutgers defense.

Key 4: Get An Early Jump

The Bearcats must get a fast start against Rutgers and get some confidence in their offense.  In doing this the defense should feed off the fast start and allow them to play more aggressive and without fear.

Key 5: Do Not Hurt Themselves

This year's Bearcats team has done a major league job of shooting itself in the foot all season long.  This cannot happen on Saturday if the Bearcats want to walk off the field with bowl hopes still insight.


Bearcats beat Rutgers and move to 4-6 with Greg Schiano moving to 1-5 against the Bearcats in his career.  Final score, UC 28 – Rutgers 17.

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