Commitment Profile: Deionte Buckley

Bearcat Insider recently spoke with UC running back commit Deionte Buckley to update how things have gone since he committed to the Bearcats.

Warren Central High School in Indianapolis has become quite the recruiting pipeline for the Cincinnati Bearcat program.

In the class of 2012 alone, the Bearcats have received four verbal commitments from prospects at Warren Central.

One of those prospects is running back Deionte Buckley, who committed to the Bearcats back in April.

We recently caught up with Buckley to get his take on his running style, as well as whether or not he thinks he can make an impact at UC as a true freshman.

How did your senior season go?

"Senior season went great. It ended kind of bad and I didn't expect it to end like it did. I felt like every goal, I pretty much accomplished. My goal was to get to 2,000 yards and I got to about 1,700 yards, and I sat out 2 games with an injury. My offensive coordinator just said I was also the best receiving back he's ever had."

You were one of the first commits in Cincinnati's 2012 class. What made you pull the trigger so early in the process?

"I think it's just me feeling at home. It kind of reminded me of Warren Central. Coach Jones is just a laid-back guy. He keeps it real with you and I would love to be coached by him. Plus, the campus is beautiful and it's a winning program. Coach Jones is changing the mentality and I want to be a part of it."

Have you been in contact with any other schools since you made your commitment?

"I know a lot of people have been trying to get to me, but my coach believes if you are committed, then you are committed, so we don't allow them to talk to me."

How would you describe your running style to someone who has never seen you play?

"Just a madman. Basically, just physical. I don't go down with the first tackler. People don't know that I have great hands and good footwork. My vision is great, cutting is great, although my blocking could improve. I feel like a madman when I run. I like to punish people."

With this being Isaiah Pead's last season at UC, do you see an opportunity for early playing time at Cincinnati?

"Most definitely. That's actually another reason why I chose them. I looked at the depth chart and felt like I can contribute a lot as a true freshman. The coaches have been hyping me up to be expecting to run the ball next year, and I know I can play a big part in Cincinnati winning."

When you think about playing college football at UC next season, what is the one thing that gets you the most excited?

"Just taking the next step and playing in front of thousands of people. My last game of senior year was about 10,000, but when you play in front of more than that it is something special. I'm just ready to be a part of a great family."

Scouting Report

Buckley can best be described as a north-south type of runner. He has good vision coming out of the backfield and shows a good burst when accelerating through the hole at the line-of-scrimmage. Buckley has quick feet and makes subtle moves that allow him to break tackles without slowing down much of his forward momentum. He is only 5-9, but he is not afraid to mix it up with the big boys. He will need to add some more weight to become an every down back at the next level. Buckley is the kind of back that probably won't break a whole lot of long touchdown runs in college, but can be counted on to take advantage of any weaknesses in the defense at the point of attack with his vision and explosiveness.

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