Commitment Profile: Jonathan Burt

Jonathan Burt was the first for Cincinnati in the class of 2012. Bearcat Insider recently chatted with Burt to get the latest on his senior season.

Warren Central (IN) High School defensive end Jonathan Burt became the first commitment for the Cincinnati Bearcats in the class of 2012 when he gave his verbal commitment back in early April.

With the pressures of the recruiting process out of his way, Burt has been able to focus on taking his game to the next level, which he hopes will earn him early playing time for the Bearcats.

We recently talked with Burt to get the latest on his senior season.

How did your senior season go?

"My senior season was pretty decent. I got injured; I broke my foot, but, thank the Lord, I got back and got to play some games with my teammates."

You were Cincinnati's first commitment in the 2012 class. What about the Cincinnati program made you make your decision so early?

"There were a lot of opportunities there, the coaching staff is very good and it's close to home. It just is a good program and I like what they can do for me."

Have any other schools attempted to contact you since you made your commitment?

"Not really. Our coach cuts off all contact with other schools, so if they have I wouldn't know."

How often do you talk to the UC coaching staff?

"I talk to them almost weekly. They just tell me about the program, how they did that week, what they did to prepare for the team and then they ask about me."

What is your take on the Bearcats being crowned co-Big East champs this season?

"It's really good. It lets me know that I am making the right decision. I'm upset with the whole West Virginia thing because I wanted to go to the Orange Bowl."

What is your biggest strength on the football field?

"My biggest strength is my explosiveness off the ball. I'm good at communicating what's going on and I play with a lot of energy and emotion."

What are the goals going to be for your freshman year at Cincinnati?

"My freshman year, some goals are going to be to get stronger in the weight room and to get on the field."

Scouting Report

Burt has really done a tremendous job of adding weight to his frame by hitting the weight room over the past couple of seasons. He now possesses enough strength to become a solid run-stopper at the next level. Burt is not a next-level athlete, but he fires off the ball well and he plays with a tremendous amount of passion and energy. He will need to continue to work on his technique, particularly on his pass rush, as he moves on to competing against FBS-caliber offensive linemen.

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