Practice Report: 8/18 brings you some notes and observations on preseason practices.

Butch Jones brings it. That's something that is noticeable right away while attending one of the Cincinnati Bearcats 2012 preseason practices. If you're not doing your job, get off the field. Everything is high energy and the players really seem to have completely bought into Coach Jones approach. You can definitely sense the family environment surrounding the program. Coach Jones really cares about his players, and the players know that, making them want to work that much harder towards their shared goal.

When I got to practice, the team was running some goal line drills. The offense would start the ball inside the 5-yard line, and would get one play to try and advance the ball into the end zone. The D was suffocating, and it was great to see. I saw 4 straight plays where the d line got pressure on the quarterback, forcing him into a rushed throw into coverage. Goal line defense is a HUGE part of having a successful team, so it was great to see them put the clamps on in that situation.

Another thing I know many people are wondering about is the progression of Munchie Legaux. Seeing him on the field, he just looks like a quarterback. He's every bit of 6'5 and has refined mechanics. The thing that stands out about Munchie is the zip he's able to put on the ball. It seems like he barely flicks his wrist and then BOOM, the ball flies out of his hand and pops into the receiver's gloves. I think coming in last year and getting some real playing time in crucial games is really going to improve his confidence. He knows he can get the job done, and he looks the part in practice.

Another great thing to see is the camaraderie this team has with each other. They really seem to enjoy being together. There's obviously trash-talk going on during practice, but it was great to see them laughing it up after practice. Chemistry is another part of building a team, and the 2012 bearcats seem to have it. If it translates onto the field, this team could be special.

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