Practice Report: 8/20 brings you some notes and observations on preseason practices.

Practice was business as usual on Monday for the Cincinnati Bearcats. Coach Jones brought the energy and the competition was looking solid. They ran a lot more scrimmage type drills than individual drills this time around, which was encouraging to see the closer we get to the Pitt game. Lining up with the one's on the offensive line were Sr. Sean Hooey, RS Fr. Parker Ehinger, Jr. Austen Bujnoch, So. Eric Lefeld and Jr. Dan Sprague. They looked like a pretty cohesive unit and gave Munchie time in the pocket to make some plays.

A few players that stood out during the practice were George Winn and Damon Julian. Winn looks like he's in really good shape this fall, and it's showing in practice. He broke off a few nice runs on some HB delays. Wide receiver Damon Julian looks HUGE. He's listed at 6-2, 210, but he looks much bigger. He's an imposing guy. Cornerback Camerron Cheatham really stood out today as far as his vocal leadership. He was the guy pumping up the defense during practice and trying to get the guys focused. It was a later than usual practice time and you could tell a few of the players were a little out of it.

Once again, they spent some time running red zone scrimmage drills. This time, however, the offense looked like the victors. Munchie made a few nice throws, including a TD pass over the middle. Towards the end of practice, they ran some plays from the 45-yard line. The last play that pitted the one's on offense vs. the one's on defense ended in a 45-yard TD pass from Munchie. It was a great throw and a nice way to go out for the first team offense. The special teams had a bit of a struggle today. Coach Jones spent some time with the punters and both guys struggled with hang time and distance. It was neat to see Coach Jones with the punters however, since punting can be a really important aspect of the game, especially in a defensive battle. Neither guy seemed discouraged and they both kept working on it throughout practice.

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