Practice Report: 8/21 brings you some notes and observations from Tuesday's practice.

Tuesday was the last day of practice for the Bearcats at Camp Higher Ground. They were in shorts so it was a bit more relaxed than normal, but the intensity was still there.

Head Coach Butch Jones had them run some "last play of the game" drills where he'd start the team out on the 20, on 4th down, and have them run a play. He'd do the same from the 10 and inside the 5.

Quarterback Munchie Legaux made a nice throw on the first play and sophomore receiver Alex Chisum made a really nice catch in the back of the end zone. The other plays were a bit off, with Legaux missing some guys with some over throws. It was a bit of a problem for him all day, but I wouldn't look into it too much, as he looked good the other times I saw him this week and last.

The defense looked great all day, dominating the scrimmage type drills for most of the practice. Maalik Bomar made a nice play and took an interception back for a touchdown. The d-line looked solid and was getting constant pressure on Legaux.

The offense did have some bright spots, George Winn being one of them. I noted yesterday how he looked like he was in really great shape, and it continued again today, as he made some nice catches out of the backfield. Having a complete back like Winn is definitely a luxury, and it was nice to see him showing off his receiving skills.

Although it was a lighter practice, Coach Jones still got on the defense for not running to the ball during the scrimmage drills. They were forced to run two 100 yard gassers, which are just as bad as they sound.

Moral of the story, you had better run to the football.

The offense was spreading the ball around nicely, with tight end Travis Kelce being split out a few times. He seems to be becoming a nice safety net for Legaux. He looks good popping into the holes when the defense is in zone coverage.

Being 6-6, 240 definitely helped Kelce. It also showed some maturity from Legaux, being able to check down when the deeper throws aren't there. The team is heading home tomorrow so there will be no practice Wednesday.

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