Practice Report: 8/24 brings you some notes and observations from Friday's practice.

The practice started out as usual, with Coach Jones running the heads up drills. The players were really getting into it. There was something different about this practice, however. I don't know if it was being back on campus, or the approaching Pitt game, but everything was amped up. Players were hitting harder, the coaches were yelling more. You can tell these guys are pumped up for the season to start and the way they approached practice today really showed it. This practice was much more of a scrimmage type atmosphere than an individual position type practice. The one noticeable change was Brendon Kay was running with the twos, instead of Patrick Coyne. Kay was looking pretty solid, he made some nice fade throws in the red zone drills, including a touchdown to Chris Burrell.

Once again, Travis Kelce really impressed me. He's a big dude, and they love moving him around the line of scrimmage. He's a pretty good athlete for a 6-6 guy, and he does a nice job of catching the ball with his hands and turning up field quickly. The offense was running a lot of halfback screens, and they were paying dividends as George Winn was picking up some solid yardage. On one play, the offense ran a reverse WR pass, which went for a big gain to Kenbrell Thompkins. Receiver Jeremy Graves made a REALLY nice catch on a fade in the endzone for a touchdown. Graves really stood out to me this practice as a guy who could make some noise as a freshman.

Munchie struggled a bit today, overthrew some guys in the redzone drills and looks a bit out of sync. He's still been running with the one's, and his athleticism is definitely an advantage, as he's able to escape pressure pretty easily. Plus, he looks good throwing on the run. The defense was doing a solid job against the run all practice. Closing up the holes pretty quickly. The practice actually ended with a pick six from Maalik Bomar. Bomar's been a guy who really has stood out in camp as well, he's been a vocal leader and is more than backing it up on the field. I feel really good about the way the defense is playing. They will definitely be the strength of this 2012 Cincinnati team.

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