Practice Report: 8/25 brings you some notes and observations from Saturday's practice.

Another hot day out at practice today for Cincinnati, temperatures were pushing 95 degrees. Probably a good thing for the players as it really caused them to remain focused during the practice. The coaches are expecting a lot more out of the players as it gets closer to the Pitt game.

The offense ran Patrick Coyne and Brendon Kay with the two's today. Both bring positives to the position, with Coyne being the more athletic of the two and Kay being more of the traditional pocket passer. I believe Kay has really began to turn a corner with his decision making, checking down to the running back during some of the red zone drills instead of forcing throws into the endzone, which I like to see. On one play, against his own goal line, Kay escaped the pocket and picked up a solid 20-25 yards.

Sam Longo and Corey Keebler ran with the one's some at RG and LG respectively, not sure if it's permanent. I think it might be to try and gain some depth at along the O-line in case of injuries.

Munchie continues to struggle a bit with sailing throws. When he sets his feet, he's great, and his accuracy is solid. When he gets happy feet, especially against pressure from the defense, he tends to rely too much on his arm and the throws get away from him. Give him time and he's great.

Alex Chisum continues to impress me with his playmaking ability. He's a legit 6-2, and plays like a true deep threat. He can really go up and get it. He made a nice tipping catch in the endzone for a touchdown during the redzone drills.

Kay made a nice throw for a touchdown to Danny Milligan during the redzone drills as well. Milligan is definitely the go to guy from the slot position. He's shifty, has great burst and usually shows sure hands.

Coach Jones and Bajakian really stressed the importance of getting the ball out quickly. After the snap, Coach Jones would count to three, and if the ball wasn't out of the quarterback's hands, it was a sack for the defense. Smart coaching, as holding onto the ball for too long has been a problem in practice for the quarterbacks.

Ralph Abernathy ran with the one's a bit during practice today as well. He's definitely the shiftier of the two backs, and he made some nice plays out of the backfield. Again, I think it was just to give some experience to Ralph as I believe George Winn has wrapped up the running back position.

They began to use the scout teams today in preparation for Pitt. The closer we get to the game the more game planning for Pitt I'm sure we'll see. The defense was particularly impressive. Stuffing the run all practice long, especially against the scout team.

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