Player Interview: Alex Chisum sat down with sophomore wide receiver Alex Chisum to get this thoughts on his game and the upcoming Bearcat's season.

Player: Alex Chisum

Height: 6-3

Weight: 187

Position: Wide receiver

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: Fayetteville, GA

High School: Sandy Creek

After practice on Wednesday, I was able to talk with Cincinnati sophomore wide receiver Alex Chisum on camp and the upcoming season.

Q: How has being a sophomore helped you prepare for the upcoming season?

A:" Last year I didn't really know what to expect. Just a freshmen trying to get on the field and make plays. The whole goal was just to get on the field, period. Second year, I'm trying to embrace that role as a starter. I feel like my second year at camp has gotten me prepared for that."

Q: Would you classify yourself as a deep threat type of receiver?

A: "Oh definitely. Last year, both of my touchdowns came off of deep ball throws. Everytime I got into the game it seemed like a deep throw was coming my way. Coach even said I'm more of a deep ball presence. When that balls in the air I like to go and get it."

Q: Was having camp at High Ground beneficial to team bonding?

A: "Oh definitely. You're away from all the distractions, you don't see anyone but your teammates, you have no choice but to bond with them. Back on campus they might be scattered out, some people living on campus, some people living off campus. But here its no distractions, you see them every day."

Q: Have you developed some comfort with Munchie [Legaux] at quarterback?

A: "Last year as a freshmen, one of my touchdowns came from Munchie, I think that's where it started, the chemistry started last year. This summer, leading up to camp, we've been running a lot of routes. Getting our timing down. We fell really comfortable with Munchie back there."

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