Player Interview: Deven Drane sat down with junior defensive back Deven Drane to get his thoughts on camp and the upcoming season.

Player: Deven Drane

Height: 5-11

Weight: 186

Position: Defensive back

Class: Junior

Hometown: Plantation, FL

High School: Plantation

After practice on Wednesday, I was able to talk with Cincinnati junior defensive back Deven Drane on his camp and the upcoming season.

Q: How does it feel to be back at UC after being away for camp at High Ground?

A:" It feels great man. I was battling a few injuries, but I'm back, making a full recovery and I'm ready to get back at it."

Q: How would you classify the whole camp high ground experience?

A: "Being at camp high ground was probably the best thing for our football team, there are no distractions, literally none. We're in the middle of nowhere. It's just straight football and eating. Everybody gets to know the freshmen, and we have a lot of freshmen on our team. Everybody's bringing them along so they're ready to jump on board with us"

Q: Are there any freshmen you've taken under your wing?

A: "There's three of them. Nate Cole, Leviticus Payne and Jeremy Graves. Nate Cole's like my little brother, I've been taken him under my wing. Leviticus Payne is a new corner, and he's got some talent so I've been trying to coach him up. And Jeremy Graves, I like him, he's a little speedster, so I'm trying to keep his head in the game because they all look like they could be great players."

Q: How have you guys been preparing for Pitt?

A: "We've been preparing for this since the Liberty Bowl ended. We've been going over things, scheme by scheme, so we can be prepared for this game and get this win."

Q: Have the changes that the Big East has been going through been on your mind at all?

A: "Of course that's something that's out there in the media, but we don't really pay attention to it. Whatever game is coming up that week, that's our championship."

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