Player Interview: Drew Frey sat down with Cincinnati senior defensive back Drew Frey to get his thoughts on camp and the upcoming season.

Player: Drew Frey

Height: 6-3

Weight: 212

Position: Defensive back

Class: Senior

Hometown: Wilmington, OH

High School: Clinton-Massie

After practice on Thursday, I was able to talk with Cincinnati senior defensive back Drew Frey on his camp and the upcoming season.

Q: Was going to camp High Ground a bonding experience for the team?

A:" It was an unreal experience in terms of team bonding because we're together 24/7 basically. We eat together, we live together. There are no distractions, just football."

Q: How does it feel to be a senior?

A: "It hasn't really hit me, we haven't started week one yet and we've got a long season ahead of us, an exciting one. It's my last one too, so I've got a different outlook, it's all about doing it for the team and leaving everything out there on the field"

Q: Are there any freshmen you've taken under your wing?

A: "I have two "little brothers" actually, that I spend a lot of time with. One is Andre Jones, he's out of Colerain High School, he's going to be a great weapon for us in the near future. The other is Marcus Foster from Troy. Both are incredible athletes, once they grasp the playbook and really buy into the style of play that we have, they're going to be impact players for us."< P> Q: How have you guys been preparing for Pitt?

A: "We've taken a really big look on them. We've started the preparation process, it's a really long process but starting early always helps, and having that extra five days is going to really help us get an edge."

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