Player Interview: Danny Milligan was able to sit down with Cincinnati senior wide receiver Danny Milligan to get his thoughts on the upcoming season.

Player: Danny Milligan

Height: 5-9

Weight: 172

Position: Wide receiver

Class: RS Senior

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

High School: St. Xavier

After practice on Thursday, I was able to talk with Cincinnati senior wide receiver Danny Milligan on his camp and the upcoming season.

Q: Is there a certain player you model your game after?

A: "I'm one of those guys that likes to take something from every player I watch Wes Welker is one whom I get compared to a lot and a guy I look up to a lot. He plays with great tenacity. One guy I really grew up watching is Joe Jurevicus. You have to collect all the data you can to be the best you can be."

Q: Do you pride yourself on being a tougher receiver?

A: "My hats off you Coach Jones on that one. In high school I was very finesse, I liked to make the defense miss, blocking wasn't really my forte. It took two years to really get that mindset of if you want to play, if you want to be great, you have to have that mindset. Coach talks about Hines Ward a lot. He said when he blocks he likes to think of himself as an o-lineman, not a receiver."

Q: How have you guys been preparing for Pitt?

A: "We're in full on Pitt mode right now. We're looking at their defense. They run a lot of cover 6. We're using our scout team and our younger guys to help us prepare for them. But you never know, they might run out something new come gameday."< P> Q: Have you been looking at all towards the future after football?

A: "That's a long time away for me right now. I'm jus focused on Pitt, I have to worry about tomorrow's practice first before anything else happens"

Q: Has it hit you yet that this is your senior year?

A: "You have to take it game by game. It hasn't hit me yet. The senior year thing has, but I'm sure walking on that field come Thursday, with this being my last time stepping onto the field for my first game, that's going to hit me. Homecoming's going to hit me. I'm sure it will get a lot more bittersweet towards the end."

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