Practice Report: 9/11 & 9/12 brings you some notes and observations on in-season practices.

Being that we are in season, the practices have become more condensed, so I've combined Tuesday's and today's practices into one single practice report.

-Coach Jones was on the players the past two practices. After a good win, like the 34-10 beat down of Pittsburgh, there tends to be a fear of complacency. I'm not saying I've seen the players become complacent, I just know I've seen Coach Jones make sure his players were ready and not overlooking Delaware State.

-I think its safe to say Walter Stewart won't be taking any teams by surprise for the rest of the year. After his breakout game against Pitt, I've seen him continue to work hard and become a vocal leader throughout the practices. He's making sure this defense remains focused.

-Munchie Legaux continues to look good. Having a game like he did on Thursday can only increase his confidence. He looks sharp in his reads, and has made some solid throw into tight spaces. If Legaux continues to develop like this, we can expect to see a lot more of his 300 plus yards of total offense performances.

-Anthony McClung has shown himself to be a reliable target in practice. He only had two catches in the Pitt game, but Munchie only had 14 completions which were spread out pretty evenly amongst the receiving core. I expect to see McClung targeted more against Delaware State. -In talking to a few of the players, they are making sure to not overlook Delaware State. This is a classic trap game for most teams, and UC is well aware of it. They know to look at every game like it's their last, and they all sang the praises of Coach Jones and his ability to help the team remain focused no matter who the opponent is.

-Ralph Abernathy IV is looking like a new player in practice. His confidence is sky high after his breakout, two touchdown performance against Pitt, and he looks like somebody who knows the talent he possesses. I expect to see him have another big game against Delaware State.

-The defensive line is going to be an absolute beast to handle for opponents. They played well all game against Pitt, and the senior leadership along the line has me excited about their potential for the season. Dan Giordano, John Williams and Walter Stewart all have the potential to be a dominate force for this Bearcat defense, and they continue to show it in practice.

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