5 Questions: Delaware State

BearcatInsider takes a look at five burning questions leading up to the Delaware St. game.

Leading up to Cincinnati's second game against Delaware State, BearcatInsider takes a look at five burning questions for the Bearcats.

Question 1: Will UC have a letdown following last Thursday's emotional, 34-10 opening night win over Pitt?

One has to wonder whether or not this is a possibility. Talking to the players leading up to the Pitt game, they were pumped up and ready to play. And it showed on the field. They took care of business at home, in front of a rambunctious crowd, and showed the country what they could do. Having your next game be against an FCS opponent is a tad risky. It's not hard to overlook a perceived weaker opponent, but the Bearcats seem to be taking Delaware State as seriously as any other team on their schedule. In talking to the players, they know not to take any opponent lightly, and Coach Jones is making sure of that.

Question 2: Can the run game continue to be as dominate as it was in game one?

It's not hard to see the strengths of this UC offense from watching the Pitt game. Rushing for over 250 yards is not an accident, and I know Coach Jones would love to see another dominate performance on the ground. The question is, can UC keep it up? Busting off some big runs was a big part of the game one rushing total, including a 58 and a 71 yarder. It will be interesting to see if UC has some more big running plays in their offense.

Question 3: Will the defensive line get pressure on the quarterback as effectively as they did in game one?

Senior defensive end Walter Stewart finished the Pitt game with two sacks and 3.5 tackles for loss, and continually brought pressure on Pitt's quarterback. Dan Giordano and John Williams also looked good rushing the quarterback, creating a formidable team up front. The linebackers and secondary had a much easier time locking up defenders due to the pressure put on by the defensive line. Can the UC defense continue this trend? If so, look for another big sack total from the d-line.

Question 4: Will Munchie Legaux continue his ‘Superman' routine?

For those of us who watched the previous game, it is no question who the best player on the field was. He was wearing number four with Cincinnati splashed across his chest. Legaux dominated the game with his arm and legs, finishing with over 300 yards of total offense and two touchdowns. And more importantly, he finished the game with zero turnovers. Legaux is a matchup nightmare for defenses, and if he continues to balance his running ability with his passing ability, we might as well remove that ‘4' on his jersey and replace it with an ‘S'.

Question 5: Will we see more Ralph Abernathy IV?

If Munchie Legaux was MVP of game one, then Ralph Abernathy IV received the breakout player award. Two touchdown receptions to go along with 71 yards receiving and a couple of nice runs made for a great performance from the sophomore running. However, George Winn (who also looked great) is the starter, and I'm unsure of how many carries Abernathy will get in game two. The beauty of having a player of Ralph's skill set is you can spread him all over the field. He could line-up at running back one play, then move to the slot the next. Either way, expect to see some more big plays from #1.

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