5 Answers: Delaware State

BearcatInsider answers the 5 burning questions from earlier in the week on UC's matchup with Delaware State.

Question 1: Will Cincinnati have a letdown following last Thursday's emotional, opening night win over Pitt?

Answer: Did UC suffer a letdown? No. A letdown would've meant a loss. Did they suffer from a lack of focus? Probably. Most of the players admitted post game that the shocking amount of turnovers they committed was due to simply losing focus. Understandably, it's more difficult to get pumped up playing an FCS opponent, and UC may have overlooked the Delaware State game. It showed on the field. Six turnovers, including 3 in the red zone, were absolute drive killers. The Bearcats consistently moved the ball down the field, and with one mental lapse, the ball movement was nullified. However, let's not forget that UC STILL WON. That's the most important factor in this answer. So no, it was not a letdown, AND it could have been much worse.

Question 2: Can the run game continue to be as dominate as it was in game one?

Answer: A resounding YES. Not to be outdone by their game one rushing performance, UC put up another 250 plus yard rushing day, including 148 yards from running back George Winn. The senior picked up yards in large chunks, finishing with an average of 6.1 yards per carry. Quarterback Munchie Legaux and back-up running back Jameel Poteat got into the action as well, finishing with 46 and 44 yards respectively. Mr. do-it-all Ralph Abernathy IV continued his solid play this season by adding 52 rushing yards on just seven carries, good for 7.1 yards per rush. Overall, it was another great day on the ground for the Bearcats.

Question 3: Will the defensive line pressure the quarterback as effectively as they did in game one?

Answer: Did they get pressure on Hornets quarterback Nick Elko? Yes. The "pressure", however, only led to one sack, and it was off of a cornerback blitz by Aaron Roberson. Elko did a great job of stepping up in the pocket and avoiding the rush all game. The defensive line over-pursued the quarterback too often leaving the middle of the field open for Elko to scan. However, UC still finished with 4.5 tackles for loss and the one sack. Not a bad day at the office, but nothing to brag to the wife about.

Question 4: Will Munchie Legaux continue his ‘Superman' routine?

Answer: Munchie may be downgraded from ‘Superman' to ‘Batman' after his game two performance. He's still a superhero, but one who showed his mortal side. Legaux's stats looked solid; he finished the game 20 of 27 passing (74%) for 208 yards passing and two touchdowns. He did, however, throw two interceptions and was stripped twice of the ball, losing both fumbles. It was a poor job of ball security on the junior quarterback's part, but one that he will have plenty of time to fix during the two weeks leading up to the Virginia Tech game. So no, Munchie did not continue his Superman routine, but I wouldn't worry, even Superman has a bad day from time to time.

Question 5: Will we see more Ralph Abernathy IV?

Answer: It's a wash. We did not see MORE of Abernathy, but we didn't see less of him either. The sophomore running back finished the game with 52 rushing yards, 23 receiving yards and zero touchdowns. Nothing to ride home about, but another solid performance and one that showed off his versatility once again. Abernathy is a flat out weapon on offense, and can line up almost anywhere on the field. He may never be the kind of back that averages 20 carries a game, but you better believe when he has the ball in his hands, it will be exciting. I expect his workload to increase the further along we get in the season, and the more he gets comfortable in the offense.

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