Player Interview: Greg Blair sat down with senior linebacker Greg Blair to talk about his breakout game against Pitt and the rest of the season.

Player: Greg Blair

Height: 6-2

Weight: 252

Position: Linebacker

Class: Senior

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

High School: Schenley

After practice on Wednesday, I was able to talk with Cincinnati senior linebacker Greg Blair on his breakout game against Pitt and the upcoming season.

Q: Was the Pitt win special for you being from the area?

A: "It meant a lot to me, but it meant way more that it was my first college start. I was just thinking about how my first college start is going to be and it worked out."

Q: How did your interception in the end zone help change the games momentum in UC's favor?

A: "We have a motto when we get in the red zone that goes ‘Give us a place to stand'. We could be on the inch yard line and we're going to stop them no matter what. The interception was definitely a big momentum swing because a touchdown for them would've made it a different game."

Q: Was it hard to stay focused being that it was your first college start?

A: "It was a little hard to remain focused before the game. I was just thinking about so much stuff beforehand, but once I got on the field I was locked in and ready to go. "

Q: Was there a moment in the game that helped to settle you in a bit?

A: "There was a moment in the first quarter where I tipped the ball and almost had an interception. After that I settled in and everything else was easy, I just had tunnel vision. That was definitely the play that helped the un-clutter my mind."

Q: How does getting a big win like that propel you to have a great season?

A: "Our coaches prepare us well during the week, so we knew we were going to come out prepared, all we had to do was go out and play our role. We just like to take it one game at a time. It doesn't mean anything. We could go out and lose twelve games in a row, we're just making sure to take it one game at a time."

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