5 Questions: Virginia Tech

BearcatInsider takes a look at five burning questions leading up to the Virginia Tech game.

Question 1: What about the turnovers?

The big question after last week and the subsequent backlash from fans was the worry over the turnovers from last week's Delaware State game. Obviously we can say whatever we want, but at this point words mean nothing. We need to see it on the field. Having six turnovers against an FCS opponent is one thing, but having six turnovers against an opponent as talented as Virginia Tech and it could be a long plan ride back from Washington D.C. However, I wouldn't worry too much. Cincinnati has had two weeks to prepare for this game, and I know they will come out ready to play, and ready to get the bad taste from the Delaware State game out of the fan's mouths.

Question 2: How will Munchie rebound from his four turnover performance against Delaware State?

We all know quarterback Munchie Legaux didn't have the best game against Delaware State. His numbers were fine from a completion percentage and yardage standpoint, but the two interceptions and two fumbles were unacceptable and something that I know Munchie will address during the two-week layover between games. Legaux is a leader, and he took full responsibility for said turnovers. He knows he made some poor decisions and he's ready to come back strong against Virginia Tech. I expect this to be a bounce back game for the junior signal caller.

Question 3: Will the running game continue to be as dominant as it has been the first two games this season?

There's no question that the strength of this UC offense has been the running game this season. They're averaging over 250 yards rushing per game and are getting great play from multiple options, including senior running back George Winn. With that being said, the Bearcats have not faced a defense as talented as the one the Hokies will be putting on the field this Saturday. This question may be better equipped for the offensive line. If they can be a dominant force from a blocking standpoint, the running backs will have no problem finding the holes; if not, it could be a long day for the Cincinnati rushing attack. I think this game will be won or lost in the trenches.

Question 4: Will the bye week be a blessing or a curse for the Bearcats?

Normally, a bye week is an absolute blessing from a recuperation standpoint. The bumps and bruises of a college football season take a toll on the body, and the bye week offers a chance to get the engines back to neutral. However, a bye week this early can almost be a curse. UC hasn't played enough football for those bumps and bruises to set in yet, so the chance of the Bearcats getting out of rhythm is a real possibility. At the same time, with the way UC played last Saturday, a bye week might be just what the doctored ordered from an execution standpoint. They have two weeks to work out the issues that plagued them against Delaware State. We won't know for sure until we see them on the field this Saturday, but look for them to look much sharper against the Hokies.

Question 5: Will the moment be too big for this UC squad?

Playing a nationally respected team from a BCS conference, on national television AND on an NFL field can be a little overwhelming. Normally, I would say this could be an issue and it might take a series or two for the jitters to rub off, but that was before I saw UC's opening game performance. Nearly the same exact scenario; UC playing a nationally respected opponent, from a BCS conference, in a rivalry game and on national television. I think we all remember how that went. Cincinnati came out and played inspired football, beating their Big East rivals from Pittsburgh 34-10 and proving themselves as one of the teams to beat in the Big East. I don't believe this moment will be too big for this Bearcat squad; they've proven to me that no moment is too big. I look for them to come out ready to take care of business and keep that spotless record in tact.

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