Toledo Ends Bearcats Undefeated Season.

The Bearcats were not able to get their offense going, suffering a disappointing 29-23 at Toledo.

It's every fans biggest fear, the dreaded "trap game". A trap game is defined as a game, usually against a lesser opponent, either immediately following or right before a big game, either against a big conference opponent or a rival. Cincinnati's game against Toledo, which is the week before their big show down against Big East rival Louisville, was a trap game, and trapped the Bearcats became.

The game started poorly for Cincinnati on offense, as their initial drive ended in a three and out. Toledo responded with a field goal on their opening drive, opening up a 3-0 lead. The following Cincinnati drive ended in a pick-six by the Toledo defense, giving them a early 10-0 lead. What looked like another turnover forced by the Bearcats defense deep inside Toledo territory ended up being overturned, giving the Rockets second life on their opening drive of the second quarter. Toledo took advantage of the second chance, driving down the field for another field goal, making the score 13-10.

On Cincinnati's next drive, their offense finally got rolling after Ralph Abernathy IV broke off a long run, setting up Munchie Legaux for the three yard touchdown rush. Cincinnati was able to create a turnover on the ensuing Toledo drive, and kick a field goal to make the score 13-10 in favor of Toledo. However, the great home crowd at Toledo was able to keep the Rockets in the game, and their team responded on their next drive, using a great run by halfback David Fluellan to get into Bearcat territory. The Rockets kicked another field goal, making the score 16-10 Toledo. Cincinnati used their last drive of the half to secure three more points, going into halftime down 16-13.

The third quarter proved to be the difference in this game as both teams had big plays open up the game for them offensively. Cincinnati was able to get a big stop in the red zone, making Toledo settle for a field goal on their opening second half drive. The Bearcats then drove down the field and Munchie Legaux hit wide receiver Damon Julian for a huge 25-yard touchdown catch. Julian was able to beat double coverage to come down with the catch. After the Julian touchdown, momentum looked to be on UC's side, however, that would be short lived as Toledo wide receiver Bernard Reedy took the ensuing kickoff back for a touchdown, putting Toledo back on top, a lead they wouldn't relinquish for the rest of the game.

The fourth quarter saw both teams add on field goals, with the last one, by Toledo kicker Jeremiah Detmer, coming after Cincinnati's defense stopped Toledo on 3 straight plays inside the 5-yard line. With the score 29-23 in favor of Toledo, Cincinnati had one more chance. Down six, with 42 seconds to play, Cincinnati started the drive with a big, 20-yard pass from Legaux to wide receiver Anthony McClung. The next play, however, would be the final nail in the coffin for Cincinnati's undefeated season. Legaux felt pressure, scramble left and threw a pass across his body to Damon Julian. The only problem was Julian was about 10 yards behind where the ball landed, which was right into the hands of Toledo defensive back Jordan Haden, ending the game. After the clock hit triple zero, the Toledo fans rushed the field, celebrating the win over their instate rival. For Cincinnati, they have no time to sulk in defeat as they go on the road again to face Big East rival Louisville next week. Let's hope they get back to their winning ways come next Saturday.

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