Last Look Back Offense: Toledo takes a look at UC's offensive performance in their loss to the Toledo Rockets this past Saturday.


There are three things you look for in a performance from your quarterback. Did he manage the game? Did he make plays when needed? Did he play turnover free football? Unfortunately for Munchie Legaux, his performance against Toledo went against these three rules. He didn't do a great job managing the game, finishing at well under 50% completion percentage passing. He missed multiple throws that would have gone for big gains, and he threw two interceptions, including one that was returned for a touchdown. It's unfair, however to pile the loss on Legaux's shoulders, it was a team effort and any loss is a tough one to take. Legaux has to bounce back next week against Big East rival Louisville.

BearcatInsider grade: C+

Running Backs

The play of the running backs was the bright spot for this UC offense on Saturday. George Winn finished with 16 carries for 86 yards and Ralph Abernathy IV finished with 98 yards on nine carries, both solid games from a statistical standpoint. Given that Cincinnati didn't possess the ball once on offense inside of Toledo's 10-yard line, it's hard to put much of the blame on this position group. They averaged a combined 8 yards per rush, nearly a first down per run. Game after game, this group continues to show the importance of getting early touches to help open up the passing game for this Bearcats offense.

BearcatInsider grade: A

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

With the low amount of passes Legaux completed, it's hard to get a good read on the performance of the wide receivers against Toledo. Senior Damon Julian came down with a fantastic, 25-yard touchdown catch that gave UC the lead in the third quarter, proving, once again, the depth of this group. Senior tight end Travis Kelce led the team in receiving with three receptions for 64 yards, followed by Kenbrell Thompkins, who finished with two catches for 38 yards. This group continues to perplex for a multitude of reasons. They do not lack for talent or athleticism, but the depth is almost a blessing and a curse. Any given game can showcase one receiver, make you think he will become the breakout star of the group, followed by him disappearing the next game. Given that the season is halfway over, one has to believe this will be this group's M.O. for the rest of the season.

BearcatInsider grade: B

Offensive Line

Once again, the offensive line proved to be a force in the trenches all game long. Against the Rockets, the offensive line paved the way for 251 yards rushing and allowed Munchie Legaux to keep his jersey clean in the backfield. Granted, the Toledo defensive line has been decimated by injury all season long, but nonetheless, allowing zero sacks is nothing to scoff at. I've said this before, but this group continues to jell and lead the way for the two headed rushing attack of George Winn and RD Abernathy IV. The one thing you can expect from the Cincinnati offense is a consistent effort from the offensive line. Anoth job well done, boys.

BearcatInsider grade: A

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