Post Loss Thoughts: Louisville

We share some of our thoughts on Cincinnati's 34-31 loss at Louisville.

Munchie, Munchie, Munchie.

There's not much to say that hasn't already been said. Legaux did not have his best game against the Cards last night, that's a given. His first half stats, 8-20 passing with two interceptions, were just awful. His throw on third down in overtime, where he SEVERELY under threw a well-covered Travis Kelce in the endzone, was the final nail in the coffin for Cincinnati's chances of winning the game. All that is true. However, Munchie will do a few things every game that make you realize why he is UC's starting quarterback. In this game, it was the game tying drive with under two minutes to play that saw the Bearcats offense need only three plays to go 59 yards. Legaux looked comfortable in the pocket, made quick decisions, and looked like the quarterback people on this UC team know he can be. That in lays the enigma of Munchie Legaux. He'll make you pull your hair out for three quarters, then make you're jaw drop with one perfectly executed drive. We can only hope we will get more of the latter going forward.

Missed Chances.

Two times in the game, Cincinnati was up 10 points with a chance to add onto the lead. Two times, Cincinnati could not put points on the board, allowing Louisville to hang around in a game they had no business being in. When you're on the road, and have a lead against a solid team like the Cardinals, you HAVE to take advantage of opportunities. With the scored tied at 24, UC was driving with a little over three minutes left in the game. On a third down, tight end Travis Kelce streaked across the middle, wide open, inside the Louisville 20-yard line. Legaux missed the throw, throwing behind Kelce, setting up a long field goal attempt into the wind and rain. Kicker Tony Miliano missed the 48-yarder, and the rest is history. Going forward, Cincinnati has to execute these types of plays. When the game is on the line, they need to lock-in, focus, and cut down on the mental errors.

Have a Short Memory.

Losing back to back games can be a confidence shattering trend. Losing two games the way Cincinnati has lost their past two games makes that even more likely. However, with the parity in college football this year, a season is never over until you play that twelfth game. The Bearcats have to forget about these past two games, and focus on the remainder of the season. They have Syracuse coming to town next weekend, another Big East foe, and getting back on the winning side of things, especially against a talented Big East opponent, is exactly what the doctor ordered for this squad. That's easier said than done, and it's up to the seniors to get this team regrouped and ready to go next Saturday. It's imperative that UC gets some positive plays on offense early next game, get the offense in a good flow and make sure Munchie has control of the offense. Time will tell how these two losses will affect this season. Hopefully, the affect will be a positive one.

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