Top Bearcats: Louisville

BearcatInsider takes a look at the top performers from UC's 34-31 loss at Louisville.

Top Overall Player

Ralph Abernathy IV. Once again, RDA IV comes through with player of the game honors. His stats were a bit pedestrian, at 10 carries for 39 yards, but he added two scores, including the play of the game for the Cincinnati offense. In first quarter, UC was driving and had the ball inside the Louisville 20. The Bearcats called for a reverse to Abernathy, who took the ball, looked like he was going to take a loss, juked left and got to the outside, cutting it back up field while tiptoeing along the sideline and into the end zone. It's plays like these that make you appreciate what Abernathy brings to this offensive attack. You can put him anywhere on the field and he'll make plays for you. He continues to improve from game to game.

Top Offensive Player

George Winn. The most consistent player on the Cincinnati offense has been Winn all season long. He's not flashy like RDA IV, and he may not have the big play ability of Munchie Legaux, but the one thing you can always count on is Winn running hard all game long. Against the Cards, Winn put up great numbers again, rushing for 125 yards on 26 carries, pacing the UC rushing attack to 196 total yards on the ground. His 4.8 yards per rush average was another sign of his steadfast improvement. With each game, the importance of Winn's contributions to this offense becomes more and more obvious. When things aren't working in the passing attack, the offense looks to Winn to deliver. More times than not, he comes through.

Top Defensive Player

Greg Blair. If you've noticed a theme in these players of the game awards, congratulations, you notice the details.. We like to not only look towards big plays and meaningless statistics; we look at consistency shown throughout the game. On defense, there has been no more consistent player than Greg Blair. Against Louisville Friday night, Blair came up with 19, yes, you read that right, tackles, including 9 solo and 1.5 tackles for loss. He was all over the field for the Bearcats defense, making plays when needed and providing a consistent spark for the sometimes inconsistent Cincinnati defense.

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