Senior Interview: Camerron Cheatham sat down with senior defensive back Camerron Cheatham to get his thoughts on the end of his Cincinnati career.

Player: Camerron Cheatham

Height: 5-9

Weight: 187

Position: Cornerback

Class: Senior

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

High School: Central

After practice on Wednesday, I was able to talk with Cincinnati senior cornerback Camerron Cheatham on being his role on the team and his senior season coming to an end.

Q: Talk about how big that Syracuse was for the morale of this team after two straight losses?

A: "It was a big win for us, you know, to boost our confidence back up. We knew what we had to do, Coach Jones laid it out for us. It was a big win for the program and it was nice to get back on track."

Q: Is it hard to not keep tabs of what other Big East teams are doing, in regards to wins and losses, since it can directly affect the ending of your season?

A: "First off, we have to focus on our game, because if we don't win, there wouldn't be any reason to game watch. After the games over, of course, you check the games and see whose winning. Not just Louisville, any team in the Big East really. But you've still go to focus on winning your game first."

Q: What guys have stepped up in Walter Stewart's place to become that senior leader on the defense?

A: "Well, Dan Giordano stepped up, Greg Blair has stepped up and became a leader. I've seen leadership from Maalik Bomar, he's been a leader all year. But I would say Greg Blair and Dan Giordano have taken over and become bigger leaders."

Q: Being that this is your senior year, has it hit you that these next few games will be your last wearing a Cincinnati uniform?

A: "I'm the type of person that it takes a while for stuff to hit me, but that last game is going to hit me hard. Coach Jones always talks about how these last few practices will be our last practices. But you've just to go enjoy it while it's here."

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