What to Expect from the Tuberville Era.

We take a look at some questions regarding the upcoming Tommy Tuberville era of UC football.

With all the excitement surrounding Cincinnati's hiring of Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville, some questions will undoubtedly arise. What can UC fans expect with Tuberville at the helm? What kind of offense will the Bearcats run? Well Bearcat fans, that's what we're here for. Below are the answers to some of those questions.

What can we expect from the Tommy Tuberville era?

The past three Cincinnati coaches have all come from lower level, mid-major schools or were coordinators, meaning fans had to do some research to determine what kind of coach was taking over their program. In Tommy Tuberville, that isn't necessary. The former Texas Tech, Auburn and Ole Miss head coach has a pedigree that is unrivaled when it comes to head coaching experience, and we don't have to look far to see what Tuberville brings to this program.

First, he brings name recognition. Many people still remember his 2004 undefeated Auburn team that featured four first round draft picks in Cadillac Williams, Ronnie Brown, Jason Campbell and Carlos Rogers. That team featured a high-powered offense and a devastatingly stout defense, a true SEC power. Unfortunately for Tuberville, the reason many people remember that team is due to their exclusion from the BCS National Championship game, even though they finished with a perfect 12-0 record in the vaunted SEC.

Second, Tuberville brings a recruiting boost. Many times, new coaches will have to create their best sales pitch to prospects that may not have heard of them at their previous school, with Coach Tubs, he has a long list of accomplishments that many recruits are well aware of. For a school like Cincinnati, where we are used to hiring mid-major head coaches and fellow BCS level assistants, hiring a coach that has the pedigree of Tuberville is an immediate boost when it comes to recruiting.

What kind of offense will the Bearcats run?

This seems to be the most commonly asked question amongst Bearcat fans. Coach Tubs has run multiple offensive types in his career, from a straight up pro-style, run first offense at Auburn to a run-n-gun, throwing offense at Texas Tech.

If Tuberville's news conference is any indication, and I believe it is, expect to see the Bearcats throwing the ball A LOT next season.

Tuberville's 2012 Texas Tech team finished 15th in total offense last season, averaging over 500 yards of total offense per game, and over 360 passing yards per game. Tuberville's offense uses its playmakers and puts them in the best position to succeed. That is music to the ears of players like Ralph Abernathy IV and Anthony McClung, two talented playmakers who were not given the ball nearly enough last year.

Expect to see big years from the two speedsters.

How long will Tuberville stay at Cincinnati?

This is probably the second most commonly asked question in regards to Tuberville's hiring. People who have been around the program long enough know our plight. We bring in unknown coaches; they gain some measure of success while here, and then leave for the first big coaching gig that comes calling.

It happened with Mark Dantanio, it happened with Brian Kelly and it just happened with Butch Jones. So what will be different with Coach Tuberville? In all honesty, there is no way of knowing, as is the way of coaching in big time college sports. But the Bearcats do have a few things working in their favor.

First, Tuberville has already experienced coaching at a big time program, and he is well aware that it isn't always glamorous as it appears.

Second, Tuberville's wife is from nearby Southeast Indiana, meaning he has a family draw to the Cincinnati area.

And lastly, Cincinnati AD Whit Babcock has a relationship with Tuberville from their days at Auburn, and their friendship will be likely to keep Tuberville in red and black throughout his entire contract.

As I said before, we never know what could happen in the future, but all signs point to Tuberville being a part of this program as long as he wants to coach.

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