Frey Knows Right Mindset Is Key

The final curtain is fast approaching for senior Drew Frey as his Bearcats football career will end when the final whistle blows in Charlotte, North Carolina in the Belk Bowl against Duke. Despite all the distractions Frey is positive he can play a major role in keeping things on track for a ten win season.

If it seems Cincinnati safety Drew Frey has been wearing a Bearcats uniform for a long time you are not mistaken.

The Clarksville (Ohio) Clinton-Massie product has fought injuries throughout his career but never looked to walk away from the game or the school that gave him his chance.

"It's been a long process," said Frey. "Six years and a lot of development I've going through the past six years with a lot of different teams. A lot of great teams and each year has been its own new team and to be part of all six of those provided me a lot of different experiences along with the ups and downs and the good and bad.

"In my eyes it's been very humbling and very great for me to be a part of it and an honor to be here over the past half decade and I want to go out in style."

Despite not being a highly rated prospect out of high school, Frey wasted little time in showing players can come from all different sizes of schools. In fact he hopes the recent success of his old school will help others follow in his footsteps.

"Coming from my high school background at the time, and I'm not saying it's that way now, but we were not on the map as much as far as recruiting," said Frey. "I think this year Clinton-Massie has raised the bar a little bit and I'm excited for them as they won a state championship. So that is only going to help them grow and I'm proud to be a graduate of Clinton-Massie.

"It is my hope things will continue to change as there are some great guys on this year's team and teams in the past that may have been overlooked. Now, maybe things are about to change and it's great to see the program grow with time and it's exciting to know I came from there. That is where my roots are."

Because of his tenure with the program Frey is no stranger to coaching change. Because of this he hopes to be a voice of reason as the team prepares for their appearance in the Belk Bowl. However, he knows he can't do it alone.

"It's critical for our leaders, myself included to pick up the slack that was left behind by some of our departed coaches," explained Frey. "We don't have hard feelings towards them as at the end of the day college football is a business and coaches need to feed their families.

"Anyone who is offered a tremendous raise would be a fool not to consider it. There are no hard feelings and all of the seniors have been through a change like this before. We saw how things could have been improved in the past and how important it is to be player led when times of adversity like this strike.

"That is what we want to do as we want to keep the young guys going and keeping it exciting and fun because at the end of the day it's just a game and it's meant to be fun. Bowl games especially are a reward and with that we want to have fun, but we also want to prepare to win the game. So we're definitely going to have that mindset now and when we get down to Charlotte."

As for the things Frey and others on the Bearcats defense have seen from their bowl opponent Duke on film, the senior believes they'll be ready before they arrive in Charlotte.

"Duke has a great passing attack and a couple of receivers with some ACC records," said Frey. "From a defensive back stand point that is where all our concentration is going to be as we try to keep up with their passing attack. They have a good quarterback that throws a really nice ball and a couple of quick receivers that have shown on film the ability to get down field vertically. So those are going to be a challenge for us and we're excited about it.

"Preparation has always been key for us and we feel in general you win games the two weeks you have before the game. That is the mindset we have defensively right now."

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