Bearcats in Running for Hurricanes Pledge

After visiting Cincinnati for Friday Night Lights, Alin Edouard has placed the Bearcats in the running to earn his pledge. We caught up with the Florida native about his Bearcats experience and interest.

Despite having issued a pledge to the Miami Hurricanes, Hialeah (Fla.) quarterback Alin Edouard remains open about finding a school willing to allow him a legitimate chance to play quarterback at the college level.

During Cincinnati's Friday Night Lights Camp, Edouard showed why Bearcats quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw is one of those coaches interested in giving him that chance.

"I was really excited about visiting Cincinnati," said Edouard. "Coach Hinshaw came down to see me in the spring and some of the great things he said about Cincinnati made me want to visit and camp at Friday Night Lights."

The Bearcats staff didn't waste time making sure the 6-foot-1, 170-pound signal caller saw more than just the football field during camp.

"I got a chance to see the campus on Saturday," Edouard said. "I saw the campus and everything around the school is really great. Coach Hinshaw also took me down to the quarterback's film room and showed me everything they do on offense. That whole offense is really set up for me.

"When I saw the offense on Saturday morning, I just felt relieved as it looks like the perfect fit for me as it's the perfect offense. It's a pro-style, west coast offense that could get me ready for the NFL"

Receiving a real opportunity to play quarterback is the only reason Edouard is looking at other programs.

"Honestly, people think that because I'm committed to Miami that I'm just on a free run looking for other schools," he said. "I honestly would never be doing this if I was sure Miami was taking me as a quarterback. That is why I'm keeping my options open."

Because of his desire to be a complete quarterback, Edouard only sees two programs capable of pulling him away from the Hurricanes.

"Right now I'm honestly only looking at two other schools," said Edouard. "Cincinnati and Tennessee are the two schools because I feel they really fit me. The offenses they run and the way they want a quarterback to be a dual-threat makes me want to pick one of those two."

Edouard is not worried about the distance from home as he already has a few friends on campus and in the program.

"I'm really good friends with Aaron Brown the cornerback that just came up from Miami Northwestern," he said. "I'm also good friends with Bennie Coney so it would be no problem for me to go up to Cincinnati."

When could Edouard let the Bearcats know about his plans?

"I might hang on until signing day," stated Edouard. "However, if not it could happen during the season. Right now I'm just exploring my options big time."

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