Part Two: One-on-One Robert Prunty

We continue our one-on-one conversation with Cincinnati associate head coach/defensive end coach Robert Prunty.

In Part One Cincinnati coach Robert Prunty discussed the players he'll be coaching this fall as well as his journey to Clifton.

In part two, Prunty goes more in-depth about his approach to recruiting and more.

In his short time as a college coach, Prunty has been recognized as one of the top recruiting coaches in the game. He does this by bringing a simple philosophy to what can be one of the more stressful parts of the college game.

"It's real simple; it's my relationship with God," stressed Prunty. "Honesty, being fair and a lot of love are very important to me. I said lord, if you allow me to get the opportunity to coach Division One football, I'll glorify you. I haven't written one letter yet, every letter I have sitting on my desk right now, if I were to open these letters up, you will see only one word in each of them. It doesn't matter which one you open up, you will see the word God in them.

"Even if I don't get the player, at least it's an opportunity for him whatever his spiritual being is; it's an opportunity for him to get closer to him. I don't always get to some of the guys, but at least they know the opportunity is out there because it's hard to do things on your own.

"Whatever you believe in, you have to hold true to it. So that has been my philosophy and so far giving all praise to God has been successful for me. And I've had no doubt it would be because God don't fail us."

As for the job of getting prospects from all walks of life on campus as future Bearcats, Prunty knows there is more than just ones faith in getting prospects and their families to trust him and commit to being a Bearcat.

"You have to be the greatest salesman," he said. "The thing about it is you have to listen. The key to recruiting is to listen. Just like when a person comes into a store, you don't tell them what they want to buy. You see what they want and then you talk to them. It's the way you talk to people.

"Did I hear you correctly?

"Is this what you are saying?

"When you go to the doctor, you have to tell the doctor what is wrong. He's going to do the blood work and all of that, but he doesn't know where you are hurting at. He has to ask you and then he must listen. If the doctor doesn't listen to you, he can't help you.

"So when you are with those parents you have to be a sponge and listen to everything they have to say and then learn who the decision maker is. Once you figure that out you have to attack."

One luxury the Bearcats have with their coaching staff is using two coaches along the defensive line. Prunty has learned to use 16-year coaching veteran Fred Tate as a major resource since the two first worked together last season at %%MATCH_3%%.

"Coach Tate is great to work with, but I get along good with everybody," laughed Prunty. "I'm happy to be here, I'm a guy who started at a high school. So every opportunity I get I'm happy to be here. So I have no problem working with anyone. But I'm fortunate to be working with Coach Tate because he's very knowledgeable and a great football coach as far as Xs and Os go.

"He's a great recruiter and a good guy. But I can work with anybody and that's just the way it is. I'm humble to whatever the Lord has for me as far as coaching goes."

Looking back it would have been easy for the Bearcats associate head coach to never dream of being a college coach let alone a college graduate.

"I'm one of ten kids," said Prunty. "My mother and father died. I come from a family of ten kids and both of my parents died.

"What else do I have?

"I was the first to graduate from college. I am who I am, and without God, I would have nothing.

"I struggle just like everybody else, but I'm always going to be honest with you about what I deal with when I talk. That is the same attitude I bring when I'm recruiting. I'm going to treat every kid the same way I treat you.

"It's like a lawyer; you treat every client like he's you. Because that is how your name gets around and people treat you right.

"If you give your dog to me and you tell me to hold him until eight o'clock, when you get back that dog is going to be there because that is my word and that is all I've got."

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