Part Two: One-on-One Darin Hinshaw

We continue our conversation with Cincinnati quarterbacks coach Darin Hinshaw.

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As a former quarterback himself, Hinshaw brings a certain belief in what makes a quarterback capable of having success at any level.

"Number one the glass is always half full with me," he said. "There is never a throw that we don't have the opportunity to complete, that's the mentality you have to take. Just because a guy is covered doesn't mean we can't complete the football.

"There are times when guys are wide open, and we've got to put the ball on them. There are times when they are covered and the receiver if fighting like crazy to get open and we've got to give them the opportunity to catch the ball and put it in the right position.

"I grade everything on target and decisions. We have to make good decisions as a quarterback and being at 90-percent is the whole key. Therefore, there are no turnovers happening and we are putting the ball on target.

"We are like a baseball pitcher, we don't want receivers reaching all over the place having to make unbelievable catches as we want to be able to put the ball in a position. And our job as quarterbacks is to get the ball to playmaker, that's what we do."

As for his coaching style, Hinshaw is a keep it simple kind of guy.

"My coaching style is very simple," he said. "I want the quarterback to be able to run the meeting. I don't want to be able to sit there and tell them and talk so they can hear me. I want them to be able to do it. Just like the way you do it in the NFL.

"The guys that are sharp in the NFL, the Peyton Manning's, Drew Brees and the Tom Brady's, those guys run the meetings and run everything. They know the offense like the back of their hand and they know what they are trying to accomplish on every play.

"They know that sometimes there are bad plays and that happens, but don't make a bad play worse and let's get ready for the next play. Then to be able to sit there and function in an offense where again, every single opportunity the glass is half full. There is never a situation where we're going to have negative energy in that room. We're going to be positive all the time and we're going to have fun doing it."

Since arriving on campus, Hinshaw has seen why Cincinnati is a program to be reckoned with in the years to come and why recruits have to take an offer from the Bearcats serious.

"I've been very impressed with Cincinnati," said Hinshaw. "From a facility stand point, everything that they've done over the last ten years, it's amazing really where they are getting to. We are about to put 70-80 million dollars into the stadium to renovate that.

"If you are a recruit that's out there and you come to see UC, you have everything you could want here.

"Everything that you could possibly want is right here from where you live to where all the facilities are in one building. Our practice facilities are sharp and we have an indoor facility that is up 7-8 months out of the year that is 120 yard bubble that you can kickoff and punt in, which is incredible.

"Our food is really good here and our overall facility as this is one of the top five campuses in the country.

"You have unbelievable academics and the bullets are we are a Top 25 football program and a Top 25 basketball program to go along with a Top 25 academic institution. When kids come here they really like it here. The players, when I go see our players they really love living here. You have the city of Cincinnati, you got the Bengals, you got the Reds, you have a lot of things to do and it's a fun environment to be in.

"You can also stay on campus and be able to have things to do that are fun and exciting as the campus is always alive. And then there are things to do outside of campus that are fun. So I've been very impressed as who we are as a football program and where this place is going."

While Hinshaw has been blown away by the overall Cincinnati experience since his arrival on campus, one of the main reasons he agreed to come to the Bearcats over other coaching opportunities was head coach %%MATCH_4%%.

"Coach Tuberville has obviously had a lot of success," he said. "When you mention Tommy Tuberville, you're looking at a guy who beat %%MATCH_10%% seven years in a row. He's had a ton of success all the way back when he was at %%MATCH_11%% and all the way through his career.

"It's fun to work for a coach that knows exactly what he wants to do. He lets us coach, but then, when he turns around and things are not going the way he wants, he lets us know.

"Family is also important to him. I've got four kids and he wants me to be with those four kids and see them and that they have a father, and that's important to me. The quality of life here is really good working for him and I'll tell you, every day I come to work, I'm excited to work for Tommy Tuberville.

"Every day I work for him I like him more and more and more. He'll let you know if you do things wrong and he'll get on your butt, and that is just part of being the head coach. But I can eat lunch with him every day and do a lot of things with him and that excites me every single day."

As for finding the next quarterbacks that will help power the Bearcats offensive attacks in the coming years, Hinshaw feels young quarterbacks will find a lot to like about playing for him and at Cincinnati.

"As far as the quarterback position goes, I've produced a lot of quarterbacks," said Hinshaw. "I threw for 9,000 yards in college and I know how to get every quarterback that is here to the NFL.

"I know how to do that. Now, they have to go do it themselves, but I give them the avenues available to be able to do that. We're going to watch NFL film, and we're going to run an offense that is very similar to the %%MATCH_9%% and very similar to the %%MATCH_7%%. The %%MATCH_8%% playbook, you're going to hear a lot of the same terminology. For a lot of guys, NFL means a lot to them as they want to have an opportunity to go to the NFL and they are going to get that here.

"%%MATCH_6%% just went to the Chiefs and he's going to be very successful and I got to coach him. %%MATCH_5%%, I coached him and he threw for over 10,000 yards. I've had a lot of quarterbacks that we've gone through over the years that have done really well and we're going to continue that here.

"I'm excited to coach these guys and excited about the future and where we are in recruiting as I think we're going to be signing some great quarterbacks down the road. I tell every quarterback this, you come here and play at Cincinnati, but guess what, next year I'm going to recruit a better one and you are going to have to compete every single year.

"If someone is not telling you that, they are lying, because that is what you do every single year to make your football program better. That's the function of what we're going to do here, but we're going to get better as a group and we're going to have a lot of fun.

"I keep in touch with players all the time that I've coached over the years because they respect me and they understand. I've built relationships with them, so I'm looking forward to continuing building relationships here."

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