Golic Looking for Fresh Start

Notre Dame transfer Jake Golic's desire for a fresh start at Cincinnati looks to be paying off early.

Fifth-year Notre Dame transfer tight end Jake Golic looks to be catching on fast early in camp and catching the eye of Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville in the process.

"Jake Golic is going to be fine," said Tuberville following Saturday's practice. "He's got to learn as he didn't have spring practice, but he's got the body type we want. We want to be able to use some tight ends and he's going to be a good special team's player.

"He got very good hands and right now our tight ends are struggling mentally with what we're doing. I like him because of his experience as he's got some age to him and he wants to work at it. I think he's going to be a big asset for our offense and special teams."

While Golic was happy to hear his new head coach had good things to say, he also knows there is a long way to go at his new home. How have things gone so far for the 6-foot-4, 250-pounder?

"It's going great," said Golic. "I'm getting into the playbook and fifth-year senior Blake Annen has been a lot of help to me.

"Obviously, he's the senior leader in the tight end group, so I've been following his lead trying to duplicate what he's been doing and I feel like I'm doing a great job with that and just living inside the playbook at this moment."

While some may question Golic's reasons for leaving a program that just played for a National Championship last season, he fully understood where he stood on the Irish depth chart and was looking to get a new lease on his football career.

"For me it was easy to leave Notre Dame as I wanted to go somewhere I had a fresh start," he said. "Somewhere I could try and play injury free and compete and play while having some fun with a bunch of guys on the field."

As for the depths he's gone so far in his new playbook, Golic knows there is work still needing to be done.

"I feel good but I have to eliminate some mental mistakes," stressed Golic. Learning a new system there is going to be a few of those and I have to eliminate those in order to try and keep climbing the depth chart here cause I want to play here.

"Where that is second team, third team, wherever I can get to, I just want to get into position where I can compete and play."

Has Golic found his new football home a breath of fresh air?

"It is, it definitely is," he said. "Just a new system with a new group of guys. I love everybody up at Notre Dame, but for me this is truly a breath of fresh air to get down here and try something new and try and stay injury free."

Being new to the Bearcats program give Golic his first experience at Camp Higher Ground. How has Golic found the Bearcats preseason home so far?

"Hot," said Golic. "It was a great first day in full pads and some good thumping today. I feel good where we are at right now. Obviously there is a lot of work to do for everybody including myself. But I think if we all come together as one unit and stay focused on one goal, we'll do really fine the first week."

Golic didn't have to look far to find a familiar face when he arrived in the Queen City as former teammate Gunner Kiel has already arrived on campus after his transfer from the Irish program. Golic had nothing but praise for the Bearcats future quarterback.

"He was a great help for me coming down here," said Golic. "He got a jump start on me down here, but having somebody that I knew and had spent time with up at Notre Dame down here with me to help me meet some new guys and fit in was a great help."

Some might wonder if Golic felt the stress of being an Irish legacy recruit during his time under the Golden Dome.

"It wasn't hard because it felt like home to me," he said. "Notre Dame was all I knew growing up. From the beginning of my conscience memory I was spoon feed Notre Dame. So going to a system like that where between my dad, my uncle Bob and my uncle Greg that all played there it was easy for me as it felt just like being at home."

Bearcat fans are hopeful Golic can stay healthy and finish his college career on a strong note wearing the Red & Black.

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