Longo Ready to Finish Strong

Having started his college career at a different program has not stopped offensive lineman Sam Longo from building relationships he's extremely proud of. Bearcat Insider spoke with the Bearcats veteran about his final camp and more.

With the 2013 season just weeks away has Sam Longo and his teammates excited about what should be an exciting season of Bearcats football.

For Longo, work is just starting to hit stride at Camp Higher Ground and the veteran gives a quick update on the status of this year's o-line group.

"Personally there is a lot of stuff I need to work on," stressed Longo. "We still have a lot of practices to go and time to get things fixed. As an offensive line, we're starting to gel together, but again, we need to continue working on physicality."

Like many of his teammates, Longo has liked the changes brought by Tommy Tuberville and his staff.

"I think it's a good change as the personalities and temperament definitely has us geared towards a successful season," he said. "I think camp might have caught some people by surprised with the intensity so far, but I think it's going to work out for the best for us."

As for what Longo feels he's improved upon most over the past year he knows despite what some might think, the game starts upstairs.

"I feel my mentality as a football player has improved greatly," said Longo. "I have a better understanding of what it is to be a college athlete with film work, weight room work, keeping your weight up and what is best for the team is best for me. I didn't have that mentality before."

Most of the Bearcats in their final year have talk about how quickly their careers have gone by; does Longo have the same perception?

"No, it's felt like a full five years," he said. "I'm excited with what lies ahead and happy with what I've done in the past. I wouldn't change a thing."

For Longo and his running mates a change in the coaching staff also meant a change with the head of their position group. What have the other offensive linemen seen out of new O-Line coach Darren Hiller so far?

"I think Coach Hiller is very similar to our old offensive line coach," said Longo. "I think an offensive line coach is pretty much an offensive line coach. He breaks down film very well, so we know what's going on every single time and when we take the field we know what to expect and knowing what to do."

As for what the Bellbrook, Ohio native will remember most about his time wearing the Red & Black, he waste little time talking about the life long bonds being build with teammates after arriving on campus uncertain if he would be taken into the fold.

"The friendships are what I'll remember most," he stressed. "Coming here I was a little bit weary not knowing what to expect. But all the guys on this team are really great guys and I made a lot of great friends, so that is something I've very proud of."

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