Luc Ready to Step Forward

Cincinnati linebacker Jeff Luc is ready to step forward and show why he was one of the top prep linebackers in the country.

They say you can tell a lot by looking into the eyes of high level linebackers as they prepare to make plays on the field. When you look into the eyes of Cincinnati junior linebacker Jeff Luc, you see an intensity to prove doubters wrong.

"Coming out of high school and somewhat highly rated you want to see playing time early," explained Luc. "I would say anyone would like to see that, but it's kind of tough when things don't go as planned. "For me, I got caught up in a tough situation and was not sure what was going on. So I say once you go off to college and you're not playing, nothing seems right.

"I think anybody else can speak of that if they've been in that position, but I've been blessed to get a second chance and get the opportunity to start somewhere fresh at a program that has been a champion in the past several years.

"In fact, I'm just blessed to be here and how people have welcomed me into the family. But I'm just happy to be here and take the role the coaches give me and go with it."

For Luc the road to Cincinnati almost didn't happen.

"I was going to go to Kansas State," Luc said shaking his head. "I was coming here for a visit as a favor to a coach who stuck with me through the recruiting process in high school and going to Florida State. I had no intentions to go here as my mind set was to go to Kansas State.

"So I called and said I was cancelling my flight to come to Cincinnati for a visit and was encouraged to just come up and see what was here. As soon as I stepped on campus, all the coaches came and welcomed me and that played a big part in me becoming a Bearcat."

Being an outsider gave Luc a few concerns in picking UC. However, he quickly learned the warmth of being wanted by those in and outside of the Bearcats football program.

"I was surprised by the way I was accepted and welcomed here," he said. "Not just on the team, but everybody around campus congratulated me and welcomed me and said they heard a lot about me and were looking forward to seeing me on the field.

"That played a big part because it's usually underrated when people welcome you in. It showed me that fans and alumni would be very supportive."

Coming out of high school Luc was known for making a few jaw-dropping hits against his opponents. However, he stresses he only knows one way to play the game.

"I'm not going to say I inflict pain," said Luc. "However, if I get the opportunity to get a hit on you, I'm going to take it.

"I'm not trying to injury anybody or hurt myself, but if I get the opportunity to get a hit on you why not take it, it's part of the game and as long as it's legal and between the whistle I'll take it in a heartbeat."

When asked about the improvements he's made on the field, Luc was quick to point out he feels 100-percent ready to any task presented his way.

"I feel I've really improved my IQ for the game in this defense," he said. "That played a big role in me sitting down last season and just watching it and learning it and helps me more and more when I sit down and pick my coaches brain. The more I learn I'll become a better player."

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