All about Competition for Junior

If you are looking for one of the hardest backs to bring down on the Cincinnati roster, look to local product E.J. Junior. Bearcat Insider caught up with Middletown, Ohio native following a recent practice.

After a year on defense, Cincinnati red-shirt freshman E.J. Junior is back where he feels more comfortable. However, Junior knows he's not alone looking for reps at the fullback position in a camp that has seen head coach Tommy Tuberville praise his abilities.

"Camp is going great," said Junior. "We have a bunch of guys out here trying to play but it's nothing but brotherly competition. I'm trying to work to get my spot and I know other guys are pushing to get their spot. So there is just a lot of brotherly competition and we have to do what we have to do for our first game."

After arriving on campus Junior found himself away from making key blocks and carrying the ball. However, he's not starting to get the feel again at the position he excelled at in high school.

"This year it's been a whole new process as last year I was on defense," he explained. "Then I moved here to fullback so I'm just trying to get the plays together and I'm starting to feel more natural.

"I feel more comfortable as a back, which is what I came out of high school. "The transition from high school to college is a big transition but I'm starting to feel more comfortable."

While Junior wants the reps on the field he also knows there is a great goal overall.

"I just want to win," he said. "I also want to push the next guy and no matter who is starting I want to win."

With a new offensive attack in place, Junior can already see the difference in styles from last season's Bearcats offense.

"The biggest difference is the game tempo," said Junior. "This new offense we're moving fast and we're trying to line up on the ball and push the tempo and trying to make plays.

While some local products feel they must leave the area, Junior has found being close to home as an extra bonus.

"The experience is different no matter where you are from," he explained. "When you join a team it's about family and staying close to home is a great experience as my family can come and watch me play. It's not at all bad because no matter where you go, it's all about family."

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