Only One Goal for Chenault

Staying home has paid off for native Cincinnatian and Bearcats safety Arryn Chenault. Bearcat Insider spoke with the senior about his career and the changes within the program as he enters his final season.

During his days at Fairfield (Ohio) High School, Arryn Chenault showed a solid commitment to be a local Bearcat.

Now, the senior safety finds it hard to believe his career at Cincinnati is coming to a close and under a new head coach.

"I remember my first Camp Higher Ground when I had a black stripe on my helmet," said Chenault. "It's been a long journey and everybody thinks this season is going to be a challenge with us having a new coach, but I wouldn't want to go out any differently than with a challenge."

As for staying home, Chenault has seen a lot of different places and experienced others like him along with those from far away. Looking back he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Staying home has been great," he said. "I've been playing with a lot of local guys and also guys from different states and even different countries. It's been great and people thought I was going to stay home and not experience the outside world. I'm glad I stayed here as I've already got two championships and going for another one this season."

As for this season, Chenault knows camp will help smooth out the rough edges before the season opener against Purdue.

"Camp is going good," stressed Chenault. "We're just trying to get in a rhythm with the coaches and the new signals and terminology. We're just trying to get the fundamentals down and speed it up now."

As for new head coach Tommy Tuberville, Chenault believes the veteran coach and his staff is one players will rally around.

"Change is fine because Coach Tuberville is a player's coach," said Chenault. "We all just gravitate to that as most players do when you have a player's coach. He understands our body as he's been in this game a very long time. He wants us to be a physical team and I think the defense likes that.

"We still run the same base but there are a few screws and bolts we need to change as we have different adjustments that we didn't have last year. The terminology is totally different so that is the biggest thing right now."

When asked about goals he's looking to achieve in his final season wearing the Red & Black, Chenault keeps it simple and team orientated.

"To be honest, I just want to win a championship," Chenault said with a smile. "I don't want to lose any games and that is my goal.

"I see myself as a glue guy and just want to be that person that helps put the team together and helps Coach Tuberville have a great first year."

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