Deyshawn Bond Ready For A Challenge

Red-shirt freshman center Deyshawn Bond looking to step up in a big way against Purdue.

Offensive lines have always been a close group because they work hard and block for the guys who get all the publicity. Several years ago the New England Patriots had a commercial with all five offensive lineman and Tom Brady. During the commercial, Brady bought the whole team dinner for protecting him all season. Not sure if Brendon Kay or Munchie Legaux are going to pick up the tab but everyone on the team appreciates what the offensive line does even if it doesn't always show.

They might not get on SportsCenter but it's an old school way of life and it creates a family between the o-lineman on and off the field. When an injury to Cincinnati Bearcats starting center Dan Sprague occurred, Deyshawn Bond was ready to pick him up. "I love all these guys man," said Bond. "I let him know I would be ready to go if any of them went down. I'm going to keep pushing myself and all these guys are going to push me and I'm going to push them and we're going to get it done."

The Cincinnati Bearcats offensive line has been projected to be one of the best in the country for the 2013 season. However, due to the injury sustained by Sprague in Higher Ground, the Bearcats must find other options to make the preseason projection a reality. No team wants to see an injury to their starting center but that's football and when things like this happen players have to step up. Redshirt freshman Deyshawn Bond wants to be that guy and will have an opportunity to make his first collegiate start on Saturday as the center for the Bearcats. He's hungry and feels he has been working for this his whole life. "I'm feeling great man. I still got more work to do in the film room and I'm definitely going to put in the extra hours to do that," said Bond after practice on Tuesday. "I just know I have to come out here, help my seniors out and get it done."

Bond had a solid high school career in Indiana where he earned first-team Indiana Class 5A honors as a senior for Warren Central High School. Last year the Bearcats red-shirted Bond and like any freshman received some grief from his teammates for being the new guy. However, he understands that was part of the process and didn't mind the tough love from his teammates. He is now prepared to be a part of something special in Cincinnati and when the Bearcats run out of the tunnel to take the field on Saturday, #59 will be ready.

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