Coach Tuberville Discusses Week 4

Bearcat Insider talked with Coach Tommy Tuberville this week as the Bearcats look to improve their record to 3-1 on the season.

Bearcat Insider: Tough practice on Tuesday, do you feel that's a good thing to keep your players focused?

Coach Tuberville: "Oh Yeah, you need a wake up call every once in awhile and you can go through the motions but we did more than just go through the motions so we went a little bit longer and a little harder. I think we got their attention. You know this is a big week, off week is next week, and its been a good week of practice so far. We're excited about this week and looking forward to it."

Bearcat Insider: You have a rivalry game this week and with so much conference realignment college football is losing several rivalry games, is this one you would like to keep on the schedule?

Coach Tuberville: "Rivalries are hard to replace. You want to keep as many as you can. You look at Texas and Texas A&M, they don't even play anymore. I've said all along that this is what makes it special for fans, alumni and college football so we sure don't want to give this up."

Bearcat Insider: What do you guys have to do on Saturday to keep the Victory Bell in Cincinnati?

Coach Tuberville: "We have to adjust to their offense. It's totally different that what we've seen. That's going to be big. The defense is going to have to play well on first down. You need to get an option team in long yardage situations and make them do something their not use to doing."

Bearcat Insider: It's always tough to play on the road, is their anything special you do with your guys to get them ready to play?

Coach Tuberville: "You just have to tell them your not a good football team unless you can win on the road and you have to look forward to playing on the road. You can't not enjoy it. This is college football and when you go on the road you don't have a lot of support. This week is obviously different with both teams being so close and again, that's what makes rivalries special."

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