Insider Coach Speak: Franklin Labady

After winning the 2A Florida State Championship, Champagnat Catholic head coach Mike Tunsil talked with Bearcat Insider about 2014 commit Franklin Labady. In our latest Insider Coach Speak what will Labady bring to UC?

Franklin Labady talked with Bearcat Insider back in October about his speed and big play capabilities. So we set down with his coach to see what else could Labady bring to the table. Champagnat Catholic head coach Mike Tunsil definitely knows what the 5-foot-7, 160-pound Labady has to offer.

As Tunsil told, Labady one tough kid.

"They getting a tough kid," said Tunsil. "Most people look at him and say ok he 5-foot-7; 5-foot-8, 160-pounds and think he's a little kid. But he's very physical, he runs between the tackles, catches the ball, he'll run through the middle so he's definitely a tough kid."

Asked Tunsil what Labady brought to his team that will transfer to the college level.

"He made everybody better, made them pick up their play and practice," explained Tunsil. "When he came over last year (transferred to Champagnat Catholic this season), he brought over that inner city toughness that made everyone pick up their level of play."

With Labady already committed to Cincinnati, Tunsil has help guide him through the recruiting process. Asked what Labady has told him about his excitement of attending/playing for UC.

"He's definitely happy about it," Tunsil said. "I took him up this summer he was able to see everything, meet coach Tommy Tuberville and staff, and was able to see the dorm he'll be staying in. So he definitely loved it up there and he's just ready to go."

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