Jackson Still Uncertain

On Sunday against the Temple Owls, senior forward Justin Jackson suffered a sprained ankle early in the first half and didn't play for the rest of the game. As of right now, his status is uncertain for Thursday's game against rival Louisville.

Coach Mick Cronin talked a little about the upcoming game and the status of Justin Jackson.

"He won't be practicing today but we'll know more tomorrow about his status. He's still got the mean face but he's got the bad ankle...if he walks in here, he'll tell you that he's going to play. It's like I told his dad last night, 'If he's not able to play at all, I may not bring him to the game. I'll have to put him in the stands because I know he'll try to check himself in."

However, when interviewing Justin himself before he practiced jumpers in the gymnasium; he did just as what Cronin said that he would do and proclaimed that he was just fine.

"I'm a machine, like I told y'all. I'm good. I'm fine," said Jackson with a large smile upon his face.

"I would be practicing today, but it's all up to coach. It's his decision and he knows what he's doing. But I'm a machine and I'm good to go."

When asked how he felt about missing the rest of the game on Sunday, Jackson replied,

"I felt horrible. I wanted to be out there so bad. But it is what it is. But for this next game, I'm not missing it. I missed out on it last year and I'm not doing it again. I'm good to go. Because I'm a machine."

If Jackson is unable to go, that leaves a large hole in the Bearcat offense in the paint and a larger hole on the defensive side. Jackson is second in the country with 71 blocks, ranked 7th in the nation in blocks per game (3.38). He's ranked among the AAC's leaders in blocks (1st at 3.4), offensive rebounds (1st at 3.2), rebounds (5th at 7.0) and field-goal shooting (5th at 54.8 percent).

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