Local Kid Looks To Produce

Brandon Mitchell wants to show the city of Cincinnati local talent can make it right at home. Heading into his junior year Mitchell has much to prove and desire. What can we except from the local kid?

Not many kids from the Cincinnati area stay home to play college ball. Not many come out of the cities public school district either. But then you have the likes of Brandon Mitchell out of Withrow High School, coming into his junior looking to stop that cycle.

"Coming out of Withrow always hearing stories about Cincinnati kids being took from the city itself and going to other schools," Mitchell explained about the history of kids not staying to play in Cincinnati. "So I put it upon myself to stay in Cincinnati, show my talents and show what Cincinnati has to offer to a Cincinnati team. Make my mother pride, make my city pride, make my teammates pride and overall make God pride; cause he put me on this earth."

Mitchell has to show he's ready to be a productive member of this Bearcat squad this upcoming season. He's been running with the first team defensive line so far in spring practice. Asked about being more productive this season, Mitchell had this to say.

"It's a big deal for me during the winter, training my effort to be better, cause I know I can't build my effort up with weights," he said. "So I had to build it up with my mind state."

"Another reason this will be special to me is I was 308 last season and dropped down to 295. So I'm faster, more flexible, elusive and also I'm more of a film head now," Mitchell continued. "I was not really a film head last year. I'm much smarter and I'm blessed to have Coach P (Robert Prunty) as my position coach. He pushes me so hard to my breaking point. I'm able to build over that breaking point, so this season gonna be something special to me."

Insider asked Mitchell how does he look to transfer that onto the playing field?

"Just being explosive," he said. "Always running to the ball and always encouraging my teammates. Playing for my team more than anything else will make me a force, because I can't win without them, this is a team sport; not a one man sport. Keep working, keep pushing myself and keep pushing my teammates. I can be a force by myself but I whether be a force with my teammates."

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