Bearcats Offer Devin Timmons

Bearcats offer another athlete out of Lincoln (Tallahassee, FL) High School, 6-foot-2, 220-pound linebacker Devin Timmons. Timmons is picking up a lot stream in the recruiting trail. Timmons talks about the surprise of receiving his latest offers.

Junior linebacker Devin Timmons is becoming a big time in the class of 2015. Today Timmons picked up six scholarship offers, one of those six being Cincinnati. Timmons is fairly new to the recruiting scene for most and it a new experience for him also. When asked what's the process been like for him?

"Very busy and this whole process is all new to me," Timmons said. "But I'm capable of handling it."

Timmons teammate Tarrick Thomas picked up a offer from UC just last week and now he has received an offer. "I feel very honored and proud to be offered a scholarship from one of the top schools in America," he said. "I'm very surprise and shook." Insider then followed by asking what it means for the Lincoln program to have two athletes offered by one school, he said.

"That shows a lot about Tallahassee Lincoln and the pride and tradition that we have. If you follow the program and are fully committed to it you will go a long ways in life not only in football."

Timmons finished his junior year at the linebacker position with 25 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, 5 sacks and 10 hurries in only 5 games. Timmons switched from the tight end position during the season. Looking forward to his senior year he knows their are areas he wants to improve on.

"I'm looking forward to getting stronger, faster, getting off blocks causing havoc for the other team, and being able to read the offensive scheme faster on the field," Timmons stated. "I'm a player with a lot of energy, discipline, sound player, smart student, great teammate, hard hitter, very involved in college activities and programs," he added.

Timmons plans on making a visit hopefully this summer to Cincinnati's campus. "I actually have family that lives in Cincinnati," he said. "So it'll probably be during the summer. Based off what I know it's in a great city and they have a nice campus. I know foe certain that their will be more to come as I get to know UC better,"

Timmons other scholarship offers are from Georgia Tech, Charlotte, East Carolina, Florida Atlantic, USF and Southern Mississippi.

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