Insider Profile: Mike Tyson

On the eve of another grueling UC practice, Insider talked with safety Mike Tyson about the upcoming year and his first full spring workouts. Gaining experience and learning this spring is how Mike Tyson describes his first spring workouts.

Cincinnati has a young secondary coming into the 2014 season and one of those young guys is Mike Tyson. The 6-foot-2, 200-pound sophomore played in nine games last season for the Bearcats, in that time he recorded 13 tackles with two interceptions. Tyson did not have a spring workout last season coming in as a freshman.

"This year is my first spring I feel I'm doing good but know I can do better. I'm just working day by day," he told Insider after today's practice.

The young secondary including Tyson looks to learn a lot from the likes of seniors Jeff Luc and Nick Temple. When asked what he's learned so far this spring from the guys. "Learning how to step up be a leader one, how to communicate with them, get in there watch film and just to work hard," Tyson said.

Prior to that comment Temple jokey yelled out to Tyson, "Those safeties are bums." With Tyson replying "They just hating because we're doing our jobs and making plays." It's that camaraderie from the guys that seniors will give to the younger guys.

Tyson and the Bearcats have only a few more spring practices left and the spring game coming up April 5th. Tyson tells Insider that he's ready and looking forward to the upcoming season.

"Looking forward to those big games against The U (Miami) and O State (Ohio State). I think our team is pretty young but we're hungry. We all want to play and we all want to win."

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