Legaux Back In Action

Munchie Legaux suffered a huge knee injury last season ending his senior year. Now that Legaux has been given an extra year of eligibility, he looks to work his way back on the field. Insider caught with Legaux following spring practice day 11.

When he suffered a season-ending knee injury in a Sept. 7, 2013 game against Illinois. Munchie Legaux dropped back to pass and was hit below the knees and his left leg bent awkwardly. The ensuing hyperextension of the knee resulted in injury to several ligaments. Now six months since the injury Legaux was approved for an extra year of eligibility by the NCAA.

"It feels good to know I'll be out here another year, also feels good to be out here with my teammates," Legaux said. "Just to be out here on the field practicing, putting on a helmet, shoulder pads, being out here with the guys running around laughing and joking. Most importantly just back playing football with my teammates."

Legaux seems to improve in his work in rehab and trying to get back in playing shape, he tells Insider how the process has been and the knee is doing.

"Right now the leg feels pretty good. Everyday I come out it feels much better from the previous day and everyday like I said it's better," explained Legaux. "Still a long way to go but hopefully I'll be ready by August about time the first game comes September 12th against Toledo. So far the knee is doing good, I might have some swelling in there after practice but the next day once I go in get some treatment right after practice I'll be good for the following day. The knee is feeling good and getting better."

When asked how he plans on approaching the upcoming season after what happen last season. "Going into the year whether I play or not, I just want to be a leader on and off the field. Whether it's in the locker room or like I said on and off the field helping the younger guys out. Just being a leader, leaving my legacy and leaving my mark is how people will remember me."

It's a battle at the quarterback position this spring as it was last season. Cincinnati has three potential starters in Gunner Kiel, Jarred Evans and Legaux plus the addition of freshman Hayden Moore. Insider asked Legaux how he was helping guys like Evans and Moore adjust to the next level.

"When I'm talking to these guys I just stay in their ears telling them it's gonna be ok. After a bad play some time these guys will have their heads down. I be like you'll be ok its a bad play you just live with it," he said. "The coaches are going to yell at you, they going to get in your face and tell you what you did wrong. Just brush it off and move on to the next play, you want to forget real fast. You don't want to be stuck, it can effect your play if you mad about the previous play. I try my best to get their ears and help them anyway possible."

Coach (Darin) Hinshaw does a great job coaching us but if it's coming from a pier, a guy who's played the position, a guy who's done it, been in their shoes, they feel they have that respect they listen and also listen to coach," Legaux added.

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