Bearcats Scrimmage No.2 Recap

The Cincinnati Bearcats held their second scrimmage at Paul Brown Stadium and the finishing results from the first scrimmage were far different than the second scrimmage today.

The Cincinnati offense which was stellar in the first scrimmage this offseason struggled mightily today, which gives credit to the defense for today's stats. The battle for the starting QB position which is still in the air between Gunner Kiel and Jarred Evans is still undecided at this moment.

That is because both Kiel and Evans had rough starts today. Kiel didn't complete his first pass until his fourth drive which was a 7 yard pass to Shaq Washington and he finished with a disappointing 9 for 20 for only 44 yards. Meanwhile, Kiel's competition Evans did not fare much better as he finished 9 for 18 with 86 yards and a touchdown, but three interceptions are a concern for the offense.

The defense however stepped up and put on a great performance as they forced a fumble and three interceptions, two by Andre Jones and the other by Adrian Witty. Linebackers Solomon Tentman and Jeff Luc led the team with 19 tackles and both covered the middle of the field very well.

Despite the struggles from Kiel and Evans, they both became very efficient and successful on the two minute drills. Kiel went 4 for 5 on the drive and finished off with a touchdown to Chris Moore for 45 yards. Jarred Evans also went 4 for 5 on the drive but stalled at the goal line and had to settle for a field goal from Tony Miliano.

After the scrimmage was finished, Tommy Tuberville talked about the struggles on offense and he hopes that the offense can step up to the plate before next week's spring game.

"The defense did a phenomenal job today and attacked the ball time and time again," Tuberville said. "The offense won the first scrimmage that we had and the defense struggled in that game. But as for today, the defense won this battle and the offense just couldn't get anything going today.

"Quarterbacks didn't perform well and the running game was hit and miss except for E.J. Junior who was the star player on offense for us today. We just have to go back and look at film figure out where we went wrong offensively."

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