Alonzo Taking Needed Steps at Tight End

Sophomore tight end Shai Alonzo working to take his game to another level this spring.

Shai Alonzo was rated as a three-star recruit by coming out of Woodland Hills High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The former wide receiver redshirted his freshman year and moved to tight end last season earning some valuable playing time during the season and making a few contributions to the Cincinnati offense.

Now the 6-foot-4, 218-pounder looks to make a larger impact on the offensive side of the ball for this upcoming season at tight end.

Alonzo participated in the 2012 Big 33 Football Classic. He was a two-time All-Selection pick on the Woodland Hills basketball team, was tabbed as one of the Fabulous 22 Football All-Stars by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and was a member of the 2011 WPIAL Class AAAA Football All-Conference team as a junior.

Insider caught up with Alonzo after practice to talk about the practice, the upcoming spring game on Saturday and his expectations for the upcoming regular season.

"It was a great practice session for us and it was a little rough in the early going, but we know that we have a few kinks to work out and once we do that, we'll be good to go," said Alonzo. "We're not completely there yet."

Insider asked Alonzo how the game has changed since playing last year. "The offense hasn't really changed much this offseason compared to last season," Alonzo said. "It's pretty much just as fast as it was last year, but when you have a lot of experience learning the offense, it comes easier and the game seems to slow down more. Once that happens, you see a lot of holes in defenses that you never really saw before."

` Considering that he has now switched from receiver to tight end, Alonzo was then asked if he prefers being a receiving tight end or blocking tight end.

"Well since I switched from receiving to being a tight end. So I'm more used to catching the ball than anything else," Alonzo said. "There are some times I have to catch myself and remember that I'm a tight end and block more. But I love the contact that comes along with playing the position so that is a plus."

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