Dowdy Looking to Continue Growth

Tight end D.J. Dowdy is looking to maintain his place on the field going forward.

Spring practice has officially come to an end for the Cincinnati Bearcats and now awaits the Spring Football game at Paul Brown Stadium on Saturday. With Spring Practice being a thing of the past, tight end D.J. Dowdy looks to make a larger impact on the offensive side of the ball.

Dowdy redshirted his freshman year at UC and had a bit of playing time last season. Now he looks to improve with the team this season. Insider caught up with Dowdy after practice to talk about the last practice of the spring and how the team has come together during this stretch.

"It feels good to be finished with Spring Practice and now it's time to focus on the Spring Game now," said Dowdy. "I'm more than excited for the Spring Game to go out there and show my skills off."

Insider asked him how the spring practices have brought the team closer together as a whole. He talked about the entire camaraderie with the team on both sides of the ball.

"We're still searching for that identity as a team and I think that these spring practices are valuable so that we can grow as a team and move forward as one unit," Dowdy said. "That's why I believe that this spring game is so important to our team. It gives this team an opportunity to be more like a family and that will help us when it comes time for the season to start."

Dowdy was also asked about the competition with Shai Alonzo and Tyler Cogswell to be the starting tight end and how the competition will play out.

"We compete every single day and yes sometimes, I run with the first-team offense and they run with the second-team offense. But by no means do I go out there and look down on them. They have just as much talent playing the position that I do, and there is no doubt in my mind about that."

Dowdy is a vocal player on the sidelines, encouraging teammates and harmless bantering back and forth. He talked about his leadership.

"The reason I am so vocal on the sidelines is because I just believe that we're still searching for that leader on the offensive side of the ball and that's why I am so encouraging on the sidelines. I want to do all I can for this team."

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