Pace Continues Growth

Bearcats defensive lineman Alex Pace continues learning lessons on and off the field.

Alex Pace, who is a graduate from Glenville High School in Cleveland where the legendary Ted Ginn Sr. coaches, looks to adapt his determination and skill onto the field for the Bearcats this upcoming season starting with Saturday's Spring Game at Paul Brown Stadium. Pace is looking to receive some playing time and make an impact on the defensive side of the ball with his 6-3, 298 pound frame.

Insider caught up with Pace after the last spring practice to talk about his expectations for the upcoming season and his leadership.

"It feels great to be finally done with the spring practice and moving on to the spring game at PBS," Pace said. "I am more than excited to get out there and make some hits and make some plays out there and impress the coaches."

Insider asked about the transition from Glenville Academic Campus to being at the University of Cincinnati that Pace has experienced thus far on the field. He talked about how Glenville prepared him for the life of football coming to the University of Cincinnati more than any other high school possibly could have."

"At Glenville, they prepared me for life beyond high school and when it came to sports, under the coaching and system in which the school was ran, it prepared me for the life of being a college athlete and how to manage ourselves," Pace said. "It's a big piece to my intensity with the team and being on the team but it also taught me to stay humble."

When Pace was asked how the practices bough the teams closer together, he talked about intensity and correcting mistakes to make themselves better players.

"It gave us the chance to work out the kinks and mistakes that we need to correct and these practices gave us the chance to help each other out on and off the field. So I think that these practices were more valuable than many know."

Pace was then asked about competing for a starting position on the defensive line and how he feels about the competition and how competitive he really is.

"When it comes to me, I'm a very competitive person on and off the football field. When it comes to me, (Cameron) Beard, and (Brandon) Mitchell, we are like three dogs and there's only two bones," Pace said. Someone has to be left out. I'm fighting for one of those bones."

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