Golic Looking To Gain Extra Year

Jake Golic created some buzz during Saturday's spring game as he announced he was filling for an extra year of eligibility with the NCAA. Insider caught with Golic to discuss this news and more...check inside for details.

One time transfer to Cincinnati Jake Golic created some buzz during Saturday's spring game. When announced that he had filled an application with the NCAA for an extra year of eligibility after suffer a back injury last season.

"We just submitted an application, its a six-year application. I just filed for the two-years I missed between last year here in Cincinnati and a year at Notre Dame, we put two together and we think we have strong case to get a six-year from here," Golic told insider about his newly filed application.

Golic attended the spring game with father former NFL defensive lineman and co-host of ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike, Mike Golic. After transferring from Notre Dame last year, Golic suffered a back injury that would put him out for his first season with UC. Golic updated Insider on how the back was doing today.

"I got a stem cell procedure done in early January of this year, quick procedure a couple of hours. Took a couple of weeks to feel some differences but now I feel better then I have in five years.

Golic look the part and in tip top shape, when asked has he been currently working out any, he said. "I've been working out in Chicago with my brother at a training place called EFT, one of those professional kind of pro day, combine training places. I've been working there for two months and I feel incredible; feel really good."

The Bearcats' could definitely use a guy like Golic at the tight end position. Golic knows UC system is the perfect fit for him and one of the reasons he made the transfer from the Irish to UC.

"I feel like I could fit in this offense well, I would love to help wherever I could and hopefully the NCAA will understand our side of it and give me another shot," said Golic.

Golic added that being there for the spring game is giving him the itch to get back out there. "It makes me miss it so much more, obliviously it's just a spring game and your just playing against yourself but it makes me really miss this game and I really hope they (NCAA) give me a chance to come back."

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