Scouting Report: Taylor Boose

We look at new Cincinnati running back pledge Taylor Boose in our scouting report on the newest member of the Bearcats 2015 recruiting class.

Currently a non-ranked prospect by, Taylor Boose is a huge recruiting win after we looked at what he will bring to the table as a college level running back. Why do we feel this way, after breaking down what the 6-foot, 200-pound back does on the field, we think you'll agree.

There are several areas to look for when breaking down a running back to play at the college level.

Size, speed, quickness, running ability, blocking ability and catching the ball out of the backfield are just a few. Here is what we see from new Cincinnati running back pledge Taylor Boose.


Boose has the physical size to be a power back at the college level at a reported height between 5-foot-11 to 6-foot and weighting in the 200-210 pound range. This is a kid who will be ready to compete early in his career as he's still got another year to go before he'll report to campus.


All three skill sets are needed for a player to have a chance to play at a high level. On film, Boose shows on several occasions the ability to be a lead blocker and help teammates get into the open field. The other area on film we saw was his ability to pick up a blitz up the middle and stop cold a defender.

With his quick feet, Boose does a great job of finding the hole and use his blockers to have several big plays. While almost all backs coming out of high school will need some refining in this area, Boose is already showing the signs of being able to consistently pick the right hole and accelerate and outrun defenders.

The one area almost every high school back must work on coming out of high school is handling the football and Boose is no different as we consistently see him not switch the ball to the arm opposite of closing defenders. However, he does do a great job of protecting the ball carrying it properly and keeping it protected.


On film we see no issues here as Boose does a great job of using his quick feet to make jump cuts in traffic before accelerating quickly to get to top speed is just a few steps. While we have no clue how fast Boose runs a forty, we see a player who plays fast with the much needed burst we always look for from a high level back.


On film we're able to see that Boose has the ability to not only catch a swing pass out of the backfield, but also stretch the field pulling in throws 10-20 yards down the field. What may be more impressive is his ability to maneuver his body to make the catch on balls that are not always the best thrown.


As we talked about in the size department, Boose is listed between 200-210-pounds. That is big when we start talking about a back capable of running inside at the college level. On several occasions, we see Boose deliver the blow and getting the always important yards after first contact. The Bearcats are not getting a back that goes down quickly as Boose keeps defenders from getting into his chest by having always pumping legs that allow for him to break tackles while always looking for that extra yard with a forward lean or that little extra fight before going down.

While Boose for the most part lines up more in a fullback position in his high school offense, he's not a one trick pony as he's able to also use his quickness to reach the edge and hit the outside corner. While we're not here to say he's a speed back, his ability to hit the corner and get his shoulders squared allows for him to take on defenders and make positive plays.

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