Terrell Hartsfield Felt Opener Was Perfect

For Cincinnati Bearcats defensive end Terrell Hartsfield, Friday night was perfect from start to finish. Bearcat Insider spoke with Hartsfield about his night and the expectations he has for this season.

With six tackles, one quarterback hurry and one and a half sacks, senior defensive end Terrell Hartsfield was one of the performers for the Cincinnati Bearcats in their 58-34 win over Toledo on Friday night.

How did it all feel when the final whistle sounded?

“I feel like I had a really good game,” said Hartsfield. “I believe I had about two sacks and a handful of tackles. But it was all a team effort.

“I feel I need to work on staying focused on my calls. I know there were a couple of calls, like a crash call that I dropped where the quarterback handed the ball off and ran out. I was supposed to cover the quarterback and they threw the ball over my head and almost for a touchdown.”

In the end, Hartsfield felt he and Silverberry Mouhon did exactly what they were expected to do.

“The plan was for me and Silverberry to bring a lot of pressure off the edge and when we come, we come hard,” he explained. “Of course we have responsibilities, but when we’re coming off the edge, we’re coming and we’re coming to wreak something.”

Prior to kickoff, Hartsfield could see the tension and excitement of his teammates after watching the rest of the college football world play games the previous two weekends.

“It felt great coming out and starting the game,” he said. “We came with a lot of energy and the energy was awesome when we first came out. But it did die down some in the third quarter before picking back up in the fourth quarter. So we have to learn to keep it strong the whole game.

“The weather was perfect and before we came out of the locker room, people where asking what the weather was like and some felt it was cold outside. But we knew we’re going to play regardless and when I went outside it felt perfect and was not cold. The weather was perfect football weather and I was like this is a perfect time to make some plays.”

With the loss of a few guys on the inside of the defensive line, Hartsfield and Mouhon knew coming into this season they would have to provide the leadership along the defensive line. However, he sees things coming together very well for those who have returned.

“We do have some young guys inside,” he said. “But they have the abilities to be starters and I feel as the season goes along they’ll start to show their talents.”

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