Where Is The Cincinnati Defense?

For the third consecutive game Tommy Tuberville and his offense watched the defense give up over 600-yards of total offense as the Bearcats fell to Miami 55-34. (Photo By: Max Siker for Bearcat Insider)

For two quarters Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville watched as his team kept things close with Miami going into the locker room down 24-10. After all the talk of the Bearcats being without quarterback Gunner Kiel, fans learned the Indiana native was not going to let a little soreness keep him from the field.

On the day, Kiel threw the ball 57 times completing 31 of them for 355 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions. Not great when you can only add another 67 yards rushing for the game.

However, Bearcat fans have learned this season you can’t say the words Cincinnati and defense in a positive way without making someone laugh.

For the third consecutive game, Tuberville watched as his defense gave up over 600 total yards of offense. In fact, UC has given up 1,941 yards on 261 total plays against Ohio State, Memphis and the Hurricanes combined making it one of the worst in all of college football.

After being down 41-13 at the end of the third quarter, Cincinnati did push back as Kiel would throw two of his touchdown in the fourth quarter and Carter Jacobs scooped up a fumble and punched it in from 27 yards out making the final score 55-34 in favor of the Hurricanes.

Following the game, Tuberville expressed continued concern about the play of his defense.

“Well what you saw is what we’ve been doing for the last five weeks,” said Tuberville. We can’t tackle anybody on defense and given up big plays we look like the Bad News Bears. It’s concerning and heartbreaking to watch a lot of the guys out there doing the right things but some of the younger guys, and there not young guys anymore. They’ve got to start playing and we’ve got to start tackling.”

Tuberville stressed he’s changing how the team will practice this week as the Bearcats prepare for another road game against AAC foe SMU (0-5) next Saturday afternoon in Dallas.

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